Moving to Australia: What You Need to KnowAre you moving to the Land Down Under? Good on you, mate! Australia is a beautiful country full of warm, friendly people. Although English is the native language, you’ll have a fun time learning the native slang. Eventually, you’ll be able to speak like an Aussie, too. Aside from understanding the finer points of Australian English, you’ll also need to know about shipping regulations before you begin your international moving process. Read on to find out about important Australian customs regulations.

Customs Inspection and Clearance

Although Australia is a fairly big country, it is an island nation. Any outside species of plants, animals or even bacteria could wreak havoc on its ecosystem (and many have throughout its history). That’s why Australia has a notoriously rigorous inspection process for any imported goods, even if the goods are being imported for personal usage.

There’s a possibility that even the most innocent household belongings could be quarantined by the Australian customs authorities. Do you have a pet that you plan on bringing with you to Australia? Fluffy or Fido’s food bowl, cage, mat and toys could all be subject to quarantine to ensure that they’re not contaminated with dangerous bacteria or other organisms that could threaten Australia’s agricultural sector.

Customs Forms

As with most countries, Australia requires people shipping their personal goods into the country to fill out a customs form. You’ll need to attach photocopies of your passport that show an Australian entry stamp. In addition, you must provide an inventory list that accurately describes what you’re shipping.

It’s best to provide all of this information to the shipping company before the shipment arrives in Australia. Remember that you won’t be charged duties on items that you’ve owned and used for more than a year prior to moving to Australia.

Shipping Alcohol

In the past, Australian customs authorities took a lenient stance on shipping opened bottles of alcohol into the country. That’s no longer the case.

Now, all alcohol shipped into Australia is eligible for duty. That means that even if you’ve decided to bring a half-empty bottle of wine in your shipment, you will pay taxes on it. Don’t think that simply not including that half-empty bottle of wine on your customs form will save you any money or time. If you don’t complete any detail on the customs form, your entire shipment will be delayed clearing customs. Decide whether it’s worth it to ship your alcohol – it might be simpler to leave it behind.

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By Adi Shaked