moving company - Orbit MovingIf you’re planning an international move, you’re excited and probably more than a little nervous. Moving to another country, especially if it’s on another continent, is a serious undertaking. You don’t want to trust your precious belongings to just anyone – you need to hire an experienced international moving company. Read on to learn why you need an expert to move your things abroad.

Knowledge Is Power

Let’s say you’re moving to a place where port strikes are common (Brazil and Greece are good examples). When you choose an expert moving company, the staffers will be aware of such facts. They’ll be able to advise you when you can expect your shipment to arrive and keep you up to date on your shipment’s status.

Moving companies that have been in business for quite a while will be aware of issues such as port strikes. When you pick an experienced moving firm, you can rest assured you’re dealing with professionals.

Efficiency Is Everything

Expert moving companies understand the importance of efficiency. Why does efficiency matter so much?

Even though it can take weeks for international shipments to travel by boat to their destination, shipping boats run on tight schedules. If you want your belongings to arrive at the port by a certain date, your movers have to be efficient about packing your goods.

Furthermore, efficiency is a crucial component of good customer service. And expert moving companies understand how vital good customer service is. If they don’t deliver the highest level of customer service, their clients won’t trust them anymore. Expert moving companies value their reputations, which is why they train their movers and the rest of their staff to put efficiency first.

The Right Tools

Employees from an expert moving company will arrive on time with the correct truck, boxes and other equipment for your move. Why is this important?

You don’t want movers who show up with the wrong sized truck (or worse, without their own truck). They might accuse you of providing the wrong information about your shipment and then try to charge you more money. And you don’t want employees of a moving company to bring the incorrect number of boxes – your belongings might not be shipped.

Moreover, the moving company should bring high quality packing materials. You want your belongings to arrive at your destination in the same condition you shipped them. If you’re moving in the winter, you also want your movers to bring coverings to protect your floor or carpets.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

Are you moving abroad and looking for international shipping experts? Contact Orbit International Moving today. Orbit International Moving has been in business for over a decade. We have moved clients all over the world. Our clients are so satisfied with our customer service that they’ve come back more than once!

At Orbit, customer service is our highest priority. All of our employees are professional and courteous. Call us today at 416-661-4228 and speak to one of our international moving experts. No question is too small for us to answer.

By Adi Shaked