Moving to France is exciting. You’ll be exposed to a new culture, language, and let’s not forget those fabulous French desserts.
However, before you get too excited about petit fours, crème brulees, and madeleines, there are some things you have to keep in mind. Specifically, you need to know about the furniture you can and can’t import into France. Read on to learn what you need to know about moving furniture from Canada to France.

What Documents Do You Need?

In order to import furniture into France, you have to possess certain documents.
You’ll need a valid Canadian passport, a valid visa, residence and work permit (if applicable), a certificate of employment, a Certificate of Change of Residence obtained from the French Consulate with your signature indicating the dates during which you’ll be living in France, a document called “Attestation de non-cession” (which states that you have lived abroad for at least one year, have owned all items for more than six months, and that goods will not be sold for 12 months), proof of residence in France (such as a lease or utility bills) and three copies of an inventory with values in euros signed by you. Your inventory must indicate the contents of each carton. If you’ll be in France on a work permit, you’ll need a letter from your employer indicating the dates you’ll be living in France.

Regulations on What You Can Ship

France has certain regulations about shipping personal effects.

You can’t import goods if you haven’t owned them for at least the previous six months. Moreover, those goods must be going to your principal residence in France, and your shipment must arrive within one year of your arrival date in France.
What if you’ve received furniture as part of your inheritance? You must provide a notarized declaration of the inventory, the relationship between you and the deceased and proof of French residency. The goods must be shipped within one year of death.
Let’s say you’ve just gotten married. You have to provide a marriage certificate and proof of French residency. The goods must be shipped within one month of the wedding.

Bear in mind that you can’t ship ivory or animal skins, counterfeit goods or goods that are less than six months old. Moreover, if you’re shipping antiques, you must provide a certificate of authenticity.

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By Adi Shaked