globe-trotterVery few things are universal, but some solid tips from experts can help you move virtually anywhere around the world and make your life a lot easier. These tips can be applied for your move whether it’s another time-zone, country, or continent. ​

Move Light​

Get rid of items you no longer need – donate to charity, give to friends, or even sell items to help fund the early, and often expensive days, of your move around the globe. Consider storing items you won’t need to take with you (like winter clothes if you are moving to a warm climate) or having friends and family who are visiting you bring a suitcase of offseason clothes when they visit. The less items you move, the less you’ll pay.​

Organize Your Documents Like A Pro​

Keep all your documents in one place so you can easily access them at any stage of your move. Make a photocopy of these documents and keep them with a reliable friend of family member back home so they can help you out should something go astray.​

Research Your Phone Plan In Advanced​

Try sorting out your phone plan before you leave because, trust us, your communication company will want to hold onto you as a paying customer if they can. You can enjoy uninterrupted service and often a fantastic deal as these companies often offer a discount to keep you as a loyal customer. If your phone company isn’t the best option you can cancel it, and often buy a short-term local phone card with pre-paid minutes while you figure out a local plan that works.​

Don’t Get Locked Out Of Your Accounts​

Make sure you have the correct phone numbers and email addresses connected to your social media accounts before you leave. Often if you log into a Gmail or Facebook account from a remote country it can set off a security alert. If you can’t verify your identity through the correct channels you may find yourself locked out and unable to communicate with family and friends.​

Buyer Beware​

Don’t sign a long-term rental for living accommodation without seeing the place in person, or at the very least have someone local, that you know and trust, complete an inspection for you to make sure that it’s somewhere you could commit happily for a long while. In the beginning a shorter-term rental, whether it’s an Airbnb, hostel, or the couch of a friend who lives in the country may be your best bet until you can verify the fit yourself.​

Live Like A Local, Explore Like A Tourist​

The internet is a fantastic place to find out about where you are moving, but guidebooks for tourists such as Frommers and Lonely Planet offer wonderful and specific advice on exploring ‘like a local’ to help you fit into your new home and enjoy some off the beaten path attractions.​

Get Multi Functional Adaptors​

Instead of buying a new laptop, phone, charger, hair dryer, or whatever else you’ll need to plug in, obtain a convertor that’s especially made for that country. There are even compact versions for sale which can make sure you can adapt without taking up a ton of room.​

Stock Up On Products You Love From Home​

When you’re feeling homesick comforts of home, whether it’s favourite spices, soaps, or candy bars can help bridge the gap. Bring some of these key items and don’t be afraid to have people back home send over care packs, including some of your favourite items. ​

Find The Right Mover​

Research numerous moving companies and look for a company that is licensed and has a good reputation. Explore different options for transporting your goods to see which will work best for your timeline and budget. Depending on where you move your shipment could arrive by land (via truck or rail), sea freight, or air freight. Land shipment offers moderate pricing and speed, sea freight (aka container shipping) is the most affordable option, but also the slowest, while air freight is both the fastest and most expensive method of moving your gear.​

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