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It’s official – Costa Rica is the happiest country on earth. In November 2014, UC Berkeley published the results of a study that showed that Costa Ricans reported the highest levels of happiness in the world. There have been a number of other studies that have shown similar results. But why should Costa Ricans have all the fun? Read more to learn about why relocating to Costa Rica may really make you happy.

A Great Place to Live

Why are Costa Ricans so happy? It might have something to do with the beautiful country they live in. Costa Rica boasts a tropical climate year-round, as well as stunning beaches, rainforests full of wildlife, and majestic mountains.

Don’t think that pretty scenery is all Costa Rica has going for it. Costa Rica is home to vibrant, modern cities. Are you looking for theaters, galleries, or fine dining options? Costa Rica’s cities have it all and more.

Another reason Costa Ricans are so happy is because they have access to great healthcare and modern telecommunications. Their quality of life is significantly higher than that of their neighbours in other Latin American countries.

The high quality of life, coupled with a lower cost of living than in many parts of North America, attracts thousands of expatriates per year. In fact, many North Americans have chosen to retire in Costa Rica because of these factors.

Moving to Costa Rica

There are several types of legal status that foreign citizens can hold in Costa Rica, although for the purposes of this blog post, we’ll focus on two. These two statuses are rentista and pensionado.

In Spanish, “rentista” translates to “someone with a private income.” To obtain this status, a rentista must show that he or she has earned a minimum of $2,500 USD per month for the past two years, or he or she must deposit $60,000 USD in a Costa Rican bank.

“Pensionado” is the Spanish word for “pensioner.” Pensionados must show that they receive at least $1,000 USD per month from a permanent pension source or a retirement fund.

Both rentistas and pensionados can claim spouses and dependants under 18 years of age. They can also own companies and receive dividends, although neither category can be employed. In addition, they must both stay in the country for at least four months a year.

Rentistas and pensionados must provide a certificate from their local police department that states they haven’t broken the law in the past six months. They also need to show their birth certificates and income certificates. If a spouse wishes to apply for either status, the applicant must furnish a marriage certificate.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that immigration laws and requirements are always subject to change.

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