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If you type “how to make your life better” into Google, you’ll receive nearly 800 million results. The first page of results deals with things that you can do to make you happier. Some of the suggestions are difficult to implement, others are not. At Orbit International Moving and Logistic Ltd., we like to propose a simple solution to promoting happiness: reduce the stress in your life.

Stressful situations happen in our lives all of the time. Sometimes we can control them, sometimes we can’t. One of the most common stressful situations is moving. You might have to move for work or to be closer to family, or you might choose to move because you want new experiences and adventures. Either way, the process of moving can cause major stress.

Moving can be quite overwhelming, even if you don’t have very much stuff. You need to organize your belongings and decide what you’re taking with you to your new home and what’s staying behind. Packing can be a major chore, which can take hours or days.

What can you do to reduce the stress of moving?

One of the first steps you need to take is to find a moving company. That activity can be stressful, too. There are so many choices – how do you decide which will be the right movers for you?

Talk to your friends, family and coworkers. Chances are they can recommend moving companies, or that they know someone who can do so. They can also tell you which companies to avoid. Once you’ve gathered recommendations, call the companies. You’ll quickly figure out which ones are the most professional, courteous and have the best customer service.

The qualities of a good moving company

Here are some other things you’ll notice during the selection process: the company offers personalized service, with a representative assigned to you throughout the process to ensure all of your needs are met; they answer all of your questions, no matter how complicated or simple; and they volunteer important information, such as whether your destination is prone to port strikes.

A good moving company reduces the stress of the moving process when the moving crew arrives on time on the big day with all the necessary equipment (the right sized truck, the right number of movers, the right packing materials, etc.). They are polite and work efficiently without leaving a mess behind. When the crew leaves, you feel assured that your belongings are in the right hands.

Orbit International Moving and Logistics Ltd. is that company. We’ve been helping people move for over a decade. Our dedicated team members stick with customers every step of the way to ensure that their move goes as smoothly as possible.

At Orbit, we value professionalism and customer service highly – that’s why our company is a member of the International Association of Movers and the International Movers Network. But, if you don’t believe us, just check out what our clients have said about us on our testimonials page. When you’re ready to experience the Orbit difference, call us at 416-661-4228.