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Not having to trudge through another Canadian winter seems reasonable enough to consider a move to Mexico. If you feel this way, you aren’t alone. A recent sentiment survey about moving to Mexico in the publication Expats in Mexico revealed that more than half of Canadian and American respondents were seriously considering moving to Mexico in the next couple of years. If you are thinking of heading to Mexico from Canada, here’s what you need to know first about long distance moving.

Entering the country

Canadian citizens don’t need a tourist visa to enter the country, just a valid passport. However, they do need to obtain a temporary resident visa to qualify to work in the country. These visas are offered for anywhere from six months to four years.

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Qualifying for a Mexico residence visa

Four standard ways to qualify for a temporary permit to live in Mexico are if you: 

  1. Are considered financially independent with regular income from investments or pensions, provided you have an average monthly income of around $2500. You will continue to have this income on an ongoing basis or if you have an investment account that has had a stable balance of at least $41,000 for over a year before your visa application. 
  2. Work in a highly desired field. Currently, people who work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are more likely to qualify for a work visa. To apply based on this career specialty, you must provide proof of your related education and career, including degrees and diplomas, and possibly an official letter from your employer confirming your expertise. 
  3. Own real estate in Mexico with a value of more than $267,000. You must provide an official verified deed of this property to obtain your visa. 
  4. Are direct family members (spouse, child, or parent) of a person who holds a temporary visa or permanent residency of Mexico, or Mexican citizen. 

Unless you are married to a Mexican, you must maintain a temporary residence visa for four years before you qualify to apply for your permanent resident visa in Mexico. 

What about a digital nomad visa?

With hybrid and remote work becoming more commonplace, so has the digital nomad visa, which allows someone to move to another country and continue working remotely for their employer in their home country. While Mexico does not have a specially designated visa like this, it doesn’t hurt to show proof of continued employment when you apply for your temporary residence visa with your nearest Mexican embassy or consulate.

What you need to apply

Canadians must ensure they have original copies of their passport, birth certificate, and a certificate from the RCMP confirming that they have no criminal record. Once approved, you must apply for your Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP) Card. This card is like your Social Insurance Number, but for Mexico. It will be used to register for several government services.

After approval

Before you leave for your new adventure, contact the Canadian embassy to register as a Canadian abroad in Mexico. The Canadian embassy can help you obtain legal advice, get out of jail, and intercede on your behalf with other immigration officials to help you enter or exit a country, or with further immigration and visa application issues you may face while living in Mexico.

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