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Beach-inspired decor is timeless because of the way it helps people unwind, relax, and feel like they are getting away from it all. It’s no wonder the coastal grandma aesthetic and its chic and effortless cozy glory are trending among stylists and influencers on social media. Whether you’re decorating a vacation home, family home, moving to Dubai from Canada, or as a part of a rental side-hustle, here are six tips to make your retreat space inviting, relaxing, and warm.

Mimic the Ocean

Building a palette around blue, teal, green, white, cream, denim, tan, and beige will automatically give your space a seaside vibe. Even if you are moving Montreal to Toronto and you’re situated on a lake, most colour schemes for beach houses and cottages are ocean or aquatic-based colours. These beachy colours work well together and can be used for painting, wallpaper, furniture, and accent pieces.

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Modern interior of spacious lounge in daytime

Enhance the Natural View

Often the most serene view from a vacation home is of the waterfront. Make sure you don’t cover up this natural beauty. Take down any large, heavy, or dark curtains. Instead, opt for sheers, contemporary roman blinds, or in places where you don’t need privacy and don’t mind the sun coming in, nothing at all.

Thrifted and Found Accessories

If you’re on a tight budget and prefer to keep your money for international movers, consider shopping thrift and rummage sales to find beach-themed items. You can also make your décor of ‘found art’ around your summer home. Filling glass bottles, bowls, baskets, or mason jars with sea glass, driftwood, or seashells can be a fun and inexpensive way to bring a bit of the great outdoors into your home. 

Before you go overboard on starfish lamps and anchors, take the words of fashion icon Coco Chanel to heart, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This sentiment applies to both jewelry, and home décor and accessories – less is more. A couple of well-selected items in each room will provide the look you aspire to and prevent your place from looking like a kitschy beach souvenir shop.

Modern interior of spacious lounge in daytime

Texture and Fabric

Older furniture with plenty of life left can be turned from shabby to chic. All you need are the right slipcovers, know-how, and a good eye. The beach house aesthetic should channel and reflect light easily. Focus on acquiring fabrics (for slipcovers, drapery, and throw-cushions alike) in linen, cotton, and muslin. Utilize mirrors to open smaller spaces with limited windows. Items built out of natural materials like rattan, wood, and wicker will work well because of how they bring the outside in.

Be Practical

Think of your space as including both function and fashion. Broadloom carpeting will not allow you to easily sweep away sand after a day at the beach. Instead, opt for hardwood floors and carefully placed throw rugs. 

Look to others for inspiration 

Hop online and check out Pinterest, design sites, and even other vacation homes listed for rent in your area (and beyond) for some inspiration. Remember, you don’t have to transform everything overnight. You can take your time decorating one room at a time to get it just right! 

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy your home, even while decorating.

Be Practical

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