If you’re planning on moving abroad and you’re looking for a Toronto international moving company, one of your first questions is, “How long will it take to ship my stuff to my new home?”
When it comes to international shipping, there isn’t always a single standard. That’s because there’s more than one way to ship goods, and it also depends on their destination. Read on to learn more about what goes into estimates for how long it takes to ship belongings internationally.

Methods of International Shipping
There are three ways to ship goods: land, air, and sea. Each of those methods takes a different amount of time.

Air is the fastest way to get items from one place to another. You can expect your shipment to arrive in a matter of days. However, because it takes so little time, shipping by air is also the most expensive method. In addition, not everything can be shipped by air – if you have large, heavy, bulky furniture, those items will have to go by land or sea.

Land is the second fastest way of shipping items. It can also take a few days to move goods from Point A to Point B. Land shipments aren’t always an appropriate solution for international shipping, though. It’s one thing if you’re moving from Toronto to Manhattan; it’s another thing if you’re moving from Toronto to Paris. In cases where people are moving off the continent, your goods will only travel by land when they reach the port and they’re ready to be transported to your new home.

Sea is the slowest method of shipping items, but it is the least expensive. A large ship can hold a great deal of cargo, making it cheaper to ship by sea. How long does it take for a Toronto international moving company to ship by sea? There’s not a clear-cut answer because there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration.

What Can Affect the Delivery of Sea Shipments?
There are two things that affect sea shipment delivery times: the distance of the destination and unforeseen circumstances.

We’ll go back to the example of shipping goods to Paris from Toronto. That could take several weeks. Let’s say you’re shipping goods from Toronto to Auckland – because that’s further than Paris, you’ll need to add more time.

Unforeseen circumstances include bad weather and port strikes. Bad weather can delay shipments. Port strikes prevent your shipment from leaving the dock, even if it arrives there on time. Your Toronto international moving company will do its best to avoid these circumstances, but keep in mind that they can’t be completely averted.

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By Adi Shaked