When it comes to moving, not all forms of transportation are created equally. Some of them are faster than others, and others are more expensive.
Read on to learn why international moving companies can ship items cheaper than other firms, and what you need to know to get the best price.

Economies of Scale
In order to understand how that Toronto international shipping company you just called can get such a great deal on international shipping, you have to understand a bit about economics.

If you produce a great deal of something at once, it becomes cheaper for you to do that. This principle is known as “economies of scale.”
Here’s how it works for international shipping companies: they ship many, many items by sea. Ships are a large and efficient way to transport goods – they can carry many goods at once. Moreover, they can easily hold large items such as furniture.

Other forms of transportation, such as trucks and airplanes, can’t deliver economies of scale. A truck can hold a limited amount of cargo, especially large, bulky, heavy items. While an airplane can hold more cargo than a truck, it’s considerably more expensive to ship via air because air transportation has higher costs attached to it.

What Other Costs Are Associated with International Shipping?
The cost of shipping itself is one aspect of international shipping. What you also have to keep in mind when you receive a quote from a Toronto international shipping company is that there are other costs involved in the process.

Other costs will depend on the Toronto international shipping company you choose. Some companies offer fewer services than others. If you receive a quote for services, don’t be afraid to ask what it includes.

For example, there are some moving companies out there that skimp on shipping materials. While they’ll charge you less, there’s a higher likelihood that your goods won’t arrive in one piece. Here’s another scenario: the shipping company doesn’t have a big enough truck for all of your goods.

Their price was low because they’re not investing in their company enough to provide you with the right customer service.

You get what you pay for. The cheapest quote will only include the bare minimum. What you need to look for is a quote that offers the most services for the best price.

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By Adi Shaked