Shipping container

Whether you’re a minimalist, on a shorter term move, on a tight budget, or simply bringing a few larger items to Spain with you Groupage shipment may be the best course of action for your move.

How Groupage Shipments Work

Much like a ride sharing, those using groupage shipping combine their cargo with other people shipping within the same, individual container, sometimes with multiple stops along the way. This is also called consolidated shipping. Once the container arrives it is unloaded and claimed by the appropriate parties. By sharing your container with others, you enjoy a significant savings on the cost of your move. This type of arrangement is best for someone who only has a smaller shipment.

The Advantages of Groupage Shipping

Usually if you only use three quarters of a shipping container you still pay for the entire space. With groupage shipping you only pay for the room you take up, with another person (or multiple people) filling up the remaining space. Many times, groupage shipping has less handling of the product, which means a lower risk of damage during travel. High volume shipping ports, such as Spain, are efficient places to receive a shipment, meaning you may have to wait less time to receive the items in your move.

Things To Consider Before Booking Consolidated Shipping

Consolidated or groupage shipping isn’t right for everyone. By sharing your container, you need to spend more time ensuring your items fit into the required dimensions. Since your items will be sharing space with someone else’s there is less wiggle room. If timing of the arrival of your moving items is important, speak to the moving company in advance to get a timeline along with the pricing for each moving option available before you decide.

Possible Issues

It may be more difficult to find a mover offering groupage shipping. Some companies do not want to take on the complex nature of a groupage shipment. Thankfully many experts, like the team at Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd., have years of experience with consolidated shipments and will get you the best price possible thanks to their robust network of carrier connections.

North America & Spain

Economic relations are strong between Canada and Spain. Many credit this tie with the Canadian-European free trade agreement (CETA). Restricted items for this type of shipment are the same as any country, and include food and food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronics. You may need to get explicit permission to ship such items. Speak to your moving specialist before placing anything in question into your shipping pallet.

The Ports of Spain

Spain is a port destination, meaning that there are numerous locations to receive goods from a distance depending on your needs, whether it’s receipt of your items in Valencia (a public terminal known for container shipping), Algeciras Bay (known for its ships connecting Spain with Africa, Asia, America and Europe), Barcelona (providing a sea access port for the whole Spanish territory), Las Palmas (an international port) and Bilbao. Letting your goods cruise on over to Spain may be the best and most cost-efficient way to manage your move.

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