When shipping your personal goods from Canada, Canada customs may want to know what is being exported from the country.

It is important to remember that the moving company acts on the client’s behalf and should do anything in it’s power to avoid delays in their shipments.

If there are any conveyances on the shipment, the Moving company MUST submit a “B-13” (Export declaration) to the Canadian Border service agency. this document will specify the details of the conveyance and the personal effects in very general terms – value and the weight.

In the event that there are no conveyances included in the shipment, the moving company can note on the Bill of lading that there is an exemption named “NDR3” (no declaration required). However, from a practical point of view, many steamship lines are not aware of this regulation, thus, creating difficulties at a critical time of loading the container on the ship.

As a result, we always submit the B-13.