When you think of Australia, kangaroos and “G’day, mate!” most likely come to mind. If you’re moving to Australia, there’s another thing you should consider: quarantine. The island nation takes biosecurity very seriously, and doesn’t want any pests or other threats infesting its shores. Read on to learn what you need to know about Australia’s quarantine system.

Biosecurity in Australia: A Brief Primer

Australia has a unique ecosystem. To that end, its government wants to preserve it by preventing outside threats from infiltrating the country.

There has long been a quarantine system for anything brought into the country. For decades, an agency called AQIS (Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service) was in charge of quarantines, but in 2012, it was dissolved and folded into the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Shipping Goods to Australia

Because of the strict biosecurity regulations, you’ll have to empty, dry and clean anything you’re shipping. It can’t come into contact with food, soil, plants, water or animals immediately before being shipped, as those things could contaminate items.

Any personal effects you ship to Australia will be subject to some kind of inspection by government officials. Before you prepare your shipment, you should be aware that certain items aren’t allowed into Australia.

You can’t bring in fresh fruits and vegetables, live plants and bulbs, prohibited and restricted seeds, unidentified seeds or spices, live animals requiring an import permit, biological products (including herbal medications, unprocessed goods of plant or animal origin, soiled goods or those containing organic residue, or goods knowingly infected with pests or disease. If you ship a prohibited item, you’ll be responsible for the cost of the item’s destruction.

There are also some items which are restricted, meaning that they must be treated with chemicals to ensure they aren’t hosts to pests. Those items include wood, textiles, and animal products such as fur or feathers.

When your goods arrive in Australia, they’ll be subject to an inspection by Australian government officials. The Australian government charges people shipping their goods to the country for the cost of inspection. Some of those fees are charged upfront.

Reputable moving companies will include these costs in your quote. You’ll be made aware at the outset of the process that the inspection and the fees to complete it are mandatory – they might call them “quarantine fees” on your invoice.

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