Costa Rica draws immigrants from other parts of the world because they long for excellent weather and a stable economy and political system. There’s an expatriate community of Canadians who have come to the country for just those reasons. If you’re interested in joining them, you won’t regret it. Read on to learn some important things to know before you move there.

What You Can’t Bring with You

Many countries have restrictions on what you can and can’t bring in. Costa Rica is no exception.

You can’t ship narcotics, explosives, pornographic or politically subversive materials to the country. In addition, you can’t ship firearms, ammunition, animals, agricultural products, plants, medicines, large quantities of liquor, food or cosmetics without a permit.

What Do You Need to Ship Your Household Goods?

Many people ship their personal effects to Costa Rica. In order to ship your belongings to the country, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork.

One of the requirements is an original bill of lading (known as a B/L). It’s a detailed list of goods in the shipment. If you’re shipping your goods by airplane, there’s a special term for a B/L – it’s called an air waybill (AWB). You’ll need to include the total number of items and their weight on your B/L or AWB.

If you’re shipping electronics or appliances to Costa Rica, you’ll need to include the brand, serial number and model of all electronic appliances on your B/L or AWB.

It’s crucial that the number of items and their weight on the B/L or AWB match what’s actually in the shipment. Costa Rican authorities check this information very carefully, and if there’s a discrepancy between what’s on the B/L or AWB and what you’re shipping, that will delay customs and you’ll be charged a fine.

In addition, you’ll also need to provide your moving company with a copy of your passport.

Bringing a Pet

You can bring Fluffy or Fido with you to Costa Rica. The Costa Rican government doesn’t require you quarantine your pets when they arrive in the country. However, if they appear sick, they’ll be kenneled for 30 days at a government facility.

As with shipping goods, you’ll need certain documents to bring your pet into the country. These include a certificate of vaccination (which should also be for rabies), a health certificate issued by a veterinary service less than 30 days before arrival, authorization from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health (obtained at the consulate or embassy) and an invoice indicating the value of the pet.

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