The Israeli government classifies immigrants in a few ways. One category is called “Toshav Hozer” (in English, “returning resident”). Every immigrant has certain rights, and these classifications impact what rights you receive.

Wondering what a toshav chozer is and if you’re one of them? Read on to learn more about what it means to be a toshav chozer and how it will affect your Aliyah.

What’s a Toshav Hozer?

The Israeli Ministry of Immigration and Absorption defines a toshav hozer as someone who holds Israeli citizenship who was at least 17 years old when he or she came back to Israel. A toshav chozer can have a spouse and children who are considered immigrants or citizens.
In order to be classified as a toshav chozer, you have to have lived abroad for at least two years. The purpose of their residency abroad was not as an emissary.

What Kinds of Customs Benefits Can You Receive as a Toshav Chozer?

The customs benefits you receive as a toshav chozer are somewhat similar to those you would get as an oleh / olah chadash.

You can now import indoor exercise equipment, camping equipment, one small electronic appliance in a given category (such as one electric can opener, one toaster oven, one coffee maker, etc.), two air conditioners, televisions, electronic gaming consoles, one fax machine, outdoor garden furniture or a patio swing without paying taxes. Be aware that you will be taxed on the importation of outdoor goods such as sheds and swimming pools and garbage disposals.

Moreover, you can import two shipments of household goods within nine months of arriving in Israel tax-free.

What Documents Do You Need as a Toshav Chozer?

In order to ship belongings as a toshav chozer, you will need a number of documents. You will need a copy of your passport with a stamp from the Israeli customs authority stating that you are a toshav chozer. To obtain this stamp, you will need to go to one of six customs offices across the country (they’re located in Ashdod, Beer-Sheva, Eilat, Haifa, Rishon Lezion and Jerusalem). You’ll also need a copy of your teudat zehut (Israeli ID card), a copy of an apartment rental agreement or proof of property ownership, an inventory list (which your moving company will supply) and invoices for any new items purchased (if applicable)

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By Adi Shaked