Perhaps the romance of old castles, or the call of discovering family roots is what has you thinking of a move to the UK. Maybe it’s a job or educational opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on. Either way moving to the UK from Canada is a different experience when compared to a move from other countries. Being from this former colony has benefits that other places don’t, particularly when setting sail across the big pond from ‘The true north strong and free’ to the United Kingdom.

You’re In Good Company

There is no need to feel lonely as a Canadian living in the UK, because not only are there a lot of people from around the world moving to the UK, there are plenty of Canadians to meet. In fact, at any given time up to 90,000 Canadians are living in the UK – that’s roughly the entire population of Victoria, British Columbia. Thanks to social media and the web, there is a London Expat Canadian Meetup Group with several meetings in different areas of the UK scheduled each month for Canadians far from home to meet up with one another.

For those who are feeling extra homesick in the London area, consider stopping by the Maple Leaf Bar located in Covent Garden for North American sports on the telly, Canadian beers served on tap, and some Canadians to chat with.

Easy Access To Top Notch Education

Canadians looking for a high brow education needn’t look further than studying in the UK. The United Kingdom houses some of the oldest, and most prestigious, universities in the English-speaking world. This is a prime reason why nine percent of Canadian students getting their education outside of the country are selecting the UK to meet their matriculation needs.

According to Maclean’s, full-time Canadian students often qualify for a tier four general student visa three months before they start a course. This visa allows them to work while in the UK for the cost of around $850 Canadian (including the cost of National Health Service, which means students shouldn’t need separate health insurance).

Special Work Visas

Because of Canada’s special relationship with the UK, as a former colony, there are many ways that one can obtain a visa with little difficulty as a Canadian citizen. For those 18 and older who have a British family member who currently resides in the UK that they would like to live with (or even someone living there under permanent settlement status), you may be eligible for a Family of a Settled Person Visa. This particular kind of visa allows a Canadian to move to the UK for anywhere from six months up to 33 months (with the possibility of renewal). This visa, upon approval, can also be used to work or study in the UK. Younger Canadians can apply for the Youth Mobility Scheme, which is a working visa specifically designed for those aged 18 to 30 who are eligible to apply for a two year stay. Other types of visas for commonwealth Canadians, like an Ancestry visa which is for those who have a grandparent born in the UK (or Ireland) before March of 1922, can allow someone to gain a working visa for up to five years without the same scrutiny of a points based visa.

Canadian and UK Climate

Canadians have been known to endure long, cold winters, so they will likely adjust well to the cold, damp winters the UK is known for with little complaint. Its climate is said to be most familiar to those living on the west coast of Canada, where the annual rainfall and average temperature month to month is most similar. The places in Canada that mimic the climate of the UK the closest include: Nanaimo, Vancouver, Squamish, Goose Bay, Bella Bella, and Courtenay.

As A Canadian You Speak The Mother Tongue

This may seem small, but it goes a long way, whether you’re teaching, preparing a CV (resume) for work in the UK, or creating reports for your British employer. Because English speaking Canadians already speak the language and spell words like their UK counterparts (i.e. colour, favourite, neighbour, centre, fibre, litre, etc.), as opposed to Americans. This will make a transition to life in a UK workplace a wee bit easier.

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