If you’re getting ready to move (whether it’s across town or across the world), packing is probably the part of the process that you’re least excited about. You want to get your life started in a new place, but all of the stuff you’ve accumulated over time has to be dealt with.
That’s why we’ve created this guide based on the advice of professional movers. This guide will make the process easier and less stressful, so you can get excited again about the next chapter in your life.

Start Sorting Early

If you’re moving to a smaller place, there will be things that you won’t have room for. Even if you’re moving to a larger home, you’ve most likely accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the years. Not all of it is useful, and if that description fits an item, there’s no reason it should come with you.

Once you’ve decided you’ll be moving, start sorting through your belongings. If you can’t remember you even had an item in your possession, that’s a good sign you should either donate it to charity or throw it out.
Sorting through things early on makes moving easier – you’re not rushed or stressed when the time comes to move.

Consider Customs and Other Regulations

After you’ve sorted through your things and have decided what you’re going to bring with you, you should think about customs or other regulations if you’re moving abroad. Many countries have customs regulations – authorities will tax you if you bring in certain items (usually alcohol and tobacco products). Moreover, many countries have bans on certain items – the consulate or embassy of that country will have a list, so consult it before packing.

Even if you’re moving domestically, there are certain things that moving companies might not be able to transport. Check with your moving company before you break out the boxes.

Pack with Care Using Quality Materials

If you’re bringing fragile items such as plates, make sure they’re wrapped individually with a paper that won’t leave smudges. Don’t make any one box too heavy; you won’t be able to pick it up otherwise.
Use sturdy boxes. You don’t want them to fall apart during the move. When it comes to items such as antiques and paintings, putting them in crates might be a wise decision. Crates will protect them during the move. Crating should be left to professional movers.

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