Overseas Storage

Overseas Storage

We heard about Orbit from other satisfied customers — and they were right! We got good, personal service and advice in making the arrangements for shipping household goods from Toronto, many of them fragile, thousands of miles by sea. The people who came to the house really knew how to pack. they were efficient, friendly, neat and clean. Nothing was damaged or broken. The agents chosen by Orbit to serve us on the other side of the water were equally attentive, cooperative and helpful. We were very pleased.”


Overseas Storage 

When moving overseas, storage is often required. Overseas storage becomes a necessity when your home is not ready in time or if you are not available for the shipment when it arrives to the destination overseas.

Orbit’s superb network of quality agents and forwarders around the world always have storage solutions available in the event that it is needed.

We maintain our facilities at the highest standard of cleanliness. Access to your goods is always available during business hours. Our rates are the most competitive in the marketplace.

Ask your moving consultant about our overseas storage solutions.


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