Moving to the US from Toronto

Moving to the US from Toronto

“If there were awards for the best moving experience, your company has to be number one. Moving from Canada can be an ordeal, but Your Company made everything go so perfectly. From your quote, to the packing and sealing of our container, your professionalism was next to none. Your workers were polite and hard working. A real pleasure. The packing was excellent, Our move went easier than we could have ever anticipated”.


Moving to the US

Whether you’re relocating yourself, your family or your business, moving to the USA can be a complicated and stressful experience. But not if you use an experienced international mover like Orbit!  Orbit has the knowledge and experience to handle every aspect of your move to the United States and offers a full range of customized relocation services to ensure a smooth transition for your family or employees. From pre-move planning and packing to clearing customs and setting up your new location, our team makes your international move hassle-free!

Orbit has the knowledge to clear your shipment with US customs. Please search our website for customs regulation in the US for important information about duty-free entry of your goods into the USA.

You can also contact one of our consultants for in depth information and a free estimate.


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