California has been the subject of songs, books and movies. Its climate, its landscape, its food and its lifestyle have attracted people from the 1500s. Canadians are no exception.
If you’re considering making the move to the Golden State, there are a number of things you’ll need to keep in mind before the big move. Read on to learn what you should know before moving from Canada to California.

Decide What You’re Taking with and What Stays Behind

Moving can be an expensive proposition. That’s why from the point you decide to move, you need to take a careful look at your stuff. Start asking yourself if it’s worth it to ship some of these items.
While not everything that’s available here is sold Stateside (think Kinder Eggs), you can replace many belongings fairly easily. And when it comes to clothes, your Californian wardrobe will depend upon where you move. As the state is quite large, there’s more than one climate. What makes sense to wear in LA might not be warm enough for San Francisco.

Have Your Paperwork in Order

In the US, you can’t get anything done without a social security number (SSN). Once you have an SSN, you can apply for jobs, get a bank account, a credit card, a cell phone, and a work visa. That should be one of the first things you do.

Once you have a credit card, you can start building a credit history. Many apartment buildings require a good credit history, so keep that in mind when you’re hunting for a home.

Be Medication-Savvy

We Canadians enjoy mocking the Canadian healthcare system. However, if you move there, the shoe is on the other foot.

Make sure to take a supply of medications if you’re on any. Also, be aware that some medications aren’t sold in the US, and if they are, they might be under a different name. Talk to your doctor about what other treatment options are available south of the border.

Think Carefully about Importing Your Car

It’s much easier to get your car imported at the US border than waiting until after you get settled in. However, if you choose not to do it at the border, you have a year to do so.
There have been people who have reported problems because they hadn’t paid off their car loan before moving, or they leased their car. Do your research before you move.

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By Adi Shaked