California is a place of sea, sunshine, and Silicon Valley. Before making any big decision, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons of your new destination. Here are some thoughts to help you determine whether moving to California is a good idea for you.

If You Love To Drive…

The view along the Pacific Coast Highway is said to be one of the most breathtaking stretches of roadway in the entire world. USA Today revealed that LA has the worst traffic in the world, with San Francisco traffic not being much better. If you are prepared to own a car, and spend a lot of time sitting in it, and pay for parking and gas, have at it. If you want a walkable commute or one that’s under an hour a day, LA is probably not for you. If you’re looking for a more transit accessible city, opt for San Francisco over LA. According to Forbes, “Approximately 99% of San Francisco’s population lives within a half-mile of a public transportation access point, so hopping on a train is super easy.”

You Seek Out Healthier Living

If bad weather or SAD is getting in the way of you leading a healthier lifestyle, California may be a good fit. Outdoor activities are around every corner and you’ll never need to dig yourself out from an epic snowstorm. The state is filled with nature everywhere, like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Death Valley and more. If you love to hike, you’ll love California.

If fresh food is what you desire, rest assured that Central Cali is among the largest providers of fresh produce in the entire country. Farmers’ markets aplenty will have you eating from farm to table at every meal! Those who want to adapt to their healthy California lifestyle with a puppy will be in good company. It’s a popular theory that San Francisco has more dogs than kids filling up their parks.

Housing Crisis

Affordable housing in California is few and far between. So that means you’ll need to have a good salary or be happy with roommates to help keep your housing costs lower. According to Rent Café, the average cost for a modest sized apartment in California is nearing $1400 a month, so check your budget to make sure you can carry the expense.

Natural Disasters

If you’re afraid of earthquakes, stay clear of California, since the San Andreas Fault lies in this state. On top of the worry of earthquakes is a tsunami along the coast following an earthquake. Other nature related issues include wildfire, which are common, particularly in dry and hot areas. Radiation is a worry for Californians because of nuclear waste created by Diablo Canyon power, as is the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster which is crossing the ocean and hitting the coastline.

Amazing Diversity

California is known for having a diverse community. Since Mexico is just to the south and there is a huge coast connecting California to the rest of the globe, it attracts travellers looking to call it home. In 2017, it was ranked as America’s most diverse state.

It’s Bad To Be A Small Business Here

If you have an offer from a major local employer like in Silicon Valley, with Disney, or with an agriculture giant, California can be a sweet deal. If you’re looking to start off as a small business, not so much. California was recently rated one of the worst states in the US for business (with New York and Hawaii ranking high). This is said to be primarily caused by high tax rates and high housing and rental costs.

A Choice of Two World Class Cities To Build A Home

California is a state with two world class cities to choose from. San Francisco and LA are known for beaches, a vibrant art community, an amazing culinary scene, and more. Liberal mindsets of LA could be a good escape from those seeking a less conservative environment to live in compared to the red states. Those who are seeking higher education will want to take advantage, as there are more than 400 universities and colleges housed in state.

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