” Dear Gera and Adi

I thank you very much for the wonderful service i have received from you and the team at orbit

All went well , There was a small issue with the movers here in Israel since the sofa did not enter from entrance door and they had to bring it from the window, i paid a small fee extra and we have settled it, no big deal.

The service from day one when Adi came to my house with a proposal and every step of the way after was for me a wonderful experience

The most professional service i ever experienced. the team that packed were amazing and all worked well.I also would like to thank Noam here in Israel that handled everything in most professional and kind way.

No need to say that i will defiantly will give warm recommendation to whoever I know is in need for such service.

Best regards to you Adi and team “

Dalia Shahar Branch Manager

Peerless Travel