So, you’ve decluttered, donated, and moved all the items you no longer need into storage in preparation of your big overseas move? Even if you haven’t gotten that far, it’s never too early to start planning, to ensure that things run smoothly for your international move.

Part of this process is deciding on a reliable international removal (moving) company that will make your transition as seamless as possible. Here are some tips on picking a reliable international moving company.

Get Started Early

It will take some time to get quotes and decide. To get an accurate quote each company will likely send an assessor to your home to give you a calculation of what needs to be packed, along with recommendations on how it should travel (i.e. air, freight, etc.).

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

To get good idea of price ranges and expertise, many recommend reaching out to at least three international movers to get comparable quotes. This will allow you to consider items beyond price, like years in the business, online reviews, and recommendations, along with pricing considerations. Remember, a small discount won’t mean much to you if all your worldly belongings are delayed by days, weeks, or even months beyond what was promised. If you have a lot of breakable, vintage, or antique items to move, make sure you get some quotes from international movers with the specialty you require. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, and search online to cast your net wide and get a variety of quotes.

Connect With Your Employer

If your international move is related to your job, check in with your employer. Often, they will have ongoing relationships with international removal companies and sometimes they will pay for this move as a part of your relocation. This will make your decision process a lot easier. If they don’t have such an arrangement consider reaching out to a handful of other employees who have recently undergone such a move to find out which company they went with and their thoughts on whether or not they’d recommend the company to someone else, like you!

Compare Apples To Apples

Make sure when you analyse pricing differences that you are comparing comparable services. For example, a price comparison between companies that pack containers for you and both ship by boat will provide a direct comparison. Read the small print on all quotes to find out about additional charges that may be separate from the initial quote. Ensure that you are satisfied with who you select surrounding their connections when clearing customs and their insurance coverage should anything get lost, damaged, or destroyed during the process.

Let them Pack For You

No matter how good you are at packing a carryon for your vacation, odds are you don’t have years of experience filling shipping containers for an international move. Outsourcing the task of packing to experts will save you time, reduce the number of containers used, and reduce your overall stress levels, because moving to a new country is stressful enough, even without the packing.

Go With Your Gut

A company that can deliver within your required timeline will make your move infinitely easier.Trust your instincts and select the company that gives you the most confidence. Once you have made your decision, recognize that you’re in good hands. Now you should have plenty of time to do other important things before your move, like visiting friends and family.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Expert

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