Sometimes, you have to move to a new home in a hurry. There are other times in which you’ve got quite a bit of time to do so. For those of you with the luxury of time, we’ve presented nine simple tips to help you move your house within a year. This is part one – keep your eyes open for the second part soon.

Tip 1: Set a Timeline
Just because you know you have to move in a year doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a schedule.
A schedule helps you determine when you need to complete particular tasks. For example, you need to select your mover well in advance of your moving date – otherwise, you won’t be able to find a mover, or if you do, it might be at an exorbitant price.

Tip 2: Keep Track of All of Your Moving-Related Information
A smooth and successful move involves organization. And organization starts early (see Tip 1 above).
It helps when you’re gathering information to keep it all in one place. Some people prefer to do that by writing it down on paper and putting it in a folder or binder. If you prefer to store data digitally, keep a spreadsheet or Word document with everything you need. Just make sure to back it up, and save it in a folder that won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Tip 3: Start Cleaning Up
“But I have a year to do this!” you say. “Why do I have to worry about cleaning up now?”
The longer you have to do something, the more likely you are to put it off until the last minute. And when it comes to moving, it’s crucial that you only take what you absolutely need with you. You don’t want to bring a ton of belongings with you that you actually haven’t touched in the past year and for which you have no use.
Start going through all of your things now and throw out or donate what you don’t need. It will make packing easier when the time comes.

Tip 4: File Important Documents
German-American scientist Wernher von Braun once said, “We can lick gravity, but sometimes paperwork is overwhelming.” Piles of paper, whether they’re bills, records, forms or contracts, can leave everyone feeling buried in an ever-growing mountain that you can’t hope to climb.
Now is the time to start taming those mountains and filing important documents in a place where they’re easily accessible. When you need to find something, you can go into your files and pull it out.

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