If you’re moving to the Land Down Under, you have a number of questions. For those shipping personal effects from Canada to Australia, the questions double. One of the most important questions is, “How long does it take to ship my goods from Canada to Australia?” The answer will depend on what method you’re using to ship your goods. Read on to learn about how long it will take you to see your goods.

Sending Your Goods by Air

The fastest way to send your goods to Australia is by air. It will take approximately a week or so for them to arrive.

That being said, sending them by air is also the most expensive method. Moreover, the amount of items you can ship is quite limited. You can’t ship large and heavy items such as furniture. Also, there are other restrictions on what you can ship by air – you can’t send items such as aerosol containers or items with lithium batteries.

Sending Your Goods by Sea

Sending your goods by sea, conversely, is a significantly longer process. It can take between six to nine weeks to ship goods by sea from Toronto to Australia.
Bear in mind that shipping by sea is considerably cheaper. Additionally, you can ship larger items, such as furniture, on a boat.

Other Sources of Delays

Australia has some of the toughest biosecurity rules in the world. Customs authorities in Australia are scrupulous about ensuring that nothing harms the country’s crops. As such, inspections of shipments are the norm.
These inspections can add time to the shipment process. In addition, if customs authorities discover that one of your items is contaminated, they will destroy it. This adds a needless expense to your move.

Ensuring Your Goods Arrive in Australia in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Regardless of which method you choose to ship your goods to Australia, you can help the shipping company adhere to the estimate it gave you by following Australian customs regulations.
Don’t bring anything forbidden into the country such as fruits, nuts, plants, seeds, or biological products (see the list here). Make sure that whatever you are shipping is clean, empty and dry. Things that are wet and dirty are a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, soil can carry diseases which could kill Australian crops. By taking the time when you’re packing to make sure your goods are ready for Australia, you can help them get to your new home on time.

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By Adi Shaked