international movingHow Does a Moving Company Become the Best? Read On To Find Out

Many international moving companies say that they’re the best at what they do – that they are leaders in their field. But, as a potential customer, how do you know whether a company actually is the best? A company’s own claims aren’t enough. You need to investigate on your own to determine whether what’s written on a business’ website is actually the truth. That’s difficult to do if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Read on to learn about what to look for in a moving company that really is the best.

Good Reviews

Here’s a sure fire way to tell if a moving company is actually the best: their customers have great things to say about it. More to the point, there are a lot of customers that have great things to say about it. So, how do you go about finding a moving company with good reviews? Talk to your friends, family and colleagues. Even if they don’t have experience with moving companies, chances are that they know someone who does. If you talk to a few people, a common thread will emerge, which will point you to the right company.

Customer Service

Once you’ve found some recommendations, call the companies. If the recommendations don’t convince you to choose a particular mover, the customer service you receive will. Does the person you speak to on the phone treat you with courtesy, professionalism and respect? If you leave a message for the company, does someone call you back promptly? When you have questions, does the employee answer them in detail, without making you feel silly for asking them? Most importantly, will there be a dedicated customer service representative assigned to you to help you every step of the way?


Another component of a moving company’s quality is how experienced it is. How many years has it been in business? Has it been moving customers to their new homes for a very long time, or did it just start? The best moving companies are those which have been in business for a long time and frequently ship goods to the place you’re moving.

Membership in Professional Associations

Professional associations, such as the International Association of Movers, ask their members to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and conduct. Membership in such organizations is voluntary. However, if a moving company is a member of one of these organizations, it’s a good sign, because it means that their focus is on quality.

A Job Well Done

Do the movers show up on time? Did they bring all of the necessary equipment (the right size truck, quality packing materials)? Are they working efficiently yet carefully? When movers do a good job, they earn a positive reputation and the trust of their customers.

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Author: Adi Shaked