Hi Alla,
I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation to you and your company for an exceptional job. Believe it or not, this was the third different company that I have gone through, repeating the exact same process in the past year and a half. My experiences with the other two were terrible, in an extreme sense of the word. Both had hidden clauses in their contracts and they routinely overcharged me at the tiniest opportunity (one charged me for keeping my shipment over the weekend as my items had arrived on a Friday, the same day they did with yours), they provided no help at Customs, and their staff was exceptionally rude (I even considered taking one of them to court).

Based on all of that, it was indeed a shocking surprise in how well I was treated by your staff and how thoroughly organized you had made the whole process. I remember calling your office a day or two before New Years, you weren’t there, and I immediately called my father to tell him that “this time its going to be different, I felt it in the way my call was handled.” Your representative who met me at customs was a true gentleman, highly polite and patient. The movers had a constant smile (which is exactly what I want to see!) on their face and were so cooperative that one of them even went to the extent of clearing some of the snow from my driveway! They placed all of my boxes exactly the way that I wanted them to, and were models of patience throughout.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat! God Bless,

Matin Qureshi

Jan 2011