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What Do You Need to Do When You Move Overseas?

April 13th, 2018 Comments off

Moving overseas is an exciting, yet overwhelming, proposition. There’s so much to do before you leave and after you arrive at your destination. Where do you even start?
This brief guide offers you some advice about the steps you need to take when moving overseas from Toronto. Read on to learn how to make your move as hassle-free as possible.

Before You Leave

You need to prepare for your move in advance. The more time you leave yourself to carry out these preparations, the less stressed you’ll be.
Once you’ve decided where and when you’re moving, start researching what documents you need and what the moving process requires. There will be some level of bureaucracy wherever you move to, so keep that in mind.

It’s very helpful to figure out what you’re going to take with you when you’re moving overseas from Toronto. Again, this is one of those activities you should do far in advance. Many people accumulate things over the years, but it’s important to remember that it’s expensive and unfeasible to ship everything.

Depending on how much stuff you want to ship, you’ll need to find a reputable moving company. You want a company that provides a reasonable quote that includes the most number of services. Finding a shipping company can be more challenging for spring and summer moves, so this is another thing you should do early.

After You Arrive

After you reach your destination, there are a number of things you’ll need to do to ensure you can stay in the country legally and that you get settled in.

Depending on the country you’re moving to and your status in the country, you will most likely spend your first days and weeks going to government offices. This is a chore, but a necessary one. Do your research about what documents you’ll need – not just to obtain from the government but to prove that you’re legally allowed to be there.

Being in a new place (especially if you don’t speak the language) can be lonely. Sign up for language classes, if necessary, and find social groups of both natives and expatriates so that you can make friends and feel a bit more like you’re at home.

If you don’t have a car, learn the public transportation system. You will need to get places, and public transportation is generally the best way to get there. In some places, it’s less reliable than others, so be patient and have a sense of humour!

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd: The Experts of Toronto Moving Overseas
If you’re moving overseas from Toronto, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. We have over a decade of experience moving customers all around the world. Some of our customers are so happy with our work, they’ve used us more than once. What makes us different? We treat every customer with professionalism and courtesy. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today at 416-661-4228.

By Adi Shaked

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What Are Estate Shipping Services, and What Do You Need to Know about Them?

February 21st, 2018 Comments off

In today’s world, we don’t always live close to family members. In fact, in some cases, we live half-way around the world. What happens when a relative passes away, and we’re not there to take care of his or her arrangements? What if he or she left detailed wishes that his or her belongings should be distributed to family members that don’t live nearby?

Estate shipping services are the solution. A company will come to the deceased’s home, pick up the estate, store it, sort it, ship and deliver the items. Read on to learn more about these services.

What Do Estate Shipping Services Do?

Estate shipping services are offered by moving companies. The purpose of these services is to ensure that the deceased’s wishes are fulfilled or that loved ones are able to have belongings by which to remember the deceased.

Generally, estate shipping services include picking up the items that are part of the estate, storing them until it’s time to shipping them, then sorting out what needs to be shipped. Next, the items are shipped via the recipient’s preferred method. Once the items arrive at their destination, the moving company handles their delivery to the recipient.

How Do You Find an Estate Shipping Services Firm?

In many cases, the attorney handling the estate will be able to recommend an estate shipping services firm because he or she will have developed a relationship with such a firm. That can be the easiest option, especially at a time when you’re emotionally drained after a loved one’s passing. However, if you have the sense that it might be better to broaden your options, don’t hesitate to ask others about their experiences.

Remember that you get what you pay for. A cheap quote is so low because it won’t include the same services as a higher quote. You want to make sure that when the movers arrive, they have all of the equipment and materials they need to get the job done right the first time.

Also, check to see what kinds of professional associations the moving company belongs to. Professional associations require their members to adhere to high standards of conduct, and if they violate those standards, companies will be forced out of the organization.

Don’t be afraid to ask moving companies for references. If a client had an excellent experience with a company, he or she will enthusiastically recommend that firm. The inability to provide references is a warning sign.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Handling Your Shipment with Dignity and Courtesy

If you’re looking for a firm to handle the shipment of your loved one’s estate, turn to Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. For over a decade, we’ve shipped valuable items across the world. Our customers have had such good experiences, some of them have used us more than once. Also, we’re a member of the International Association of Movers. To learn more, call us today at 416-661-4228.

By Adi Shaked

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Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving House

June 28th, 2017 Comments off

When people think of moving, they groan about how long packing is going to take them, and what a pain in the neck the whole process is. However, there’s another complaint that people don’t always consider: moving is expensive.
Well, to be more accurate, moving can be expensive. But, there are ways to save money. Read on to learn about how to make the moving process cheaper.

Set a Schedule

This might sound more like organizational advice than a budgeting tip, though it’s actually a very important way to save money.
When you do things at the last minute, you have to scramble, and that leads to costlier choices. Let’s say you realized you don’t have enough bubble paper. Sure, you can find an all-night office supply store, but it might be more expensive than the stores that closed hours ago.

Compare Quotes, Carefully

You might think that you should choose the cheapest moving company on the market. “That will save me money, right?” you ask.
The answer is, “not necessarily.” You get what you pay for; there’s a reason the quote is so cheap. Read the fine print to learn exactly what it includes. The movers might not bring the right packing materials, which could lead to your belongings becoming damaged. It doesn’t save you any money if you have to buy new dishes.

Purge before You Pack

Even if you live in a small space such as an apartment or condo, you’ve still probably accumulated a great deal of stuff. The more stuff you have, the more it will cost to move.
Sort through your things. If you haven’t used something in the past six months and you can’t come up with a rationale for using it in your new place, sell it, recycle it, or throw it out.

Select the Right Season, If Possible

It will cost you more to move during some seasons than others. Summer is the most expensive moving season because it’s the most popular. People with kids want to move before the school year starts, and many companies experience a slowdown in the summer, so employees worry less about missing work.
Moving in the spring, fall, or winter is more affordable. You might be saying to yourself, “Well, that’s nice, but my schedule doesn’t permit me to move during that season. What do I do?”. If you absolutely must move during the summer, try to move on a weekday. Not many people move during the week, making it somewhat cheaper than the weekends. And book in advance – the longer you wait, the less chance you have of being able to book an available truck.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your Moving Experts
If you’re looking for a company that offers the most services for an affordable price, turn to Orbit International Moving. Our rates are reasonable, and our packages are the most inclusive you’ll find. Contact us today to discover the Orbit difference at 416-661-4228.

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Moving to Russia: What you need to know about moving to the largest country on Earth

May 3rd, 2017 Comments off

So you are thinking about moving to Russia, the largest country in the world. Filled with history and rich in culture, the once communist country is now a capitalist one where people own private property, their businesses make profits, and workers are paid wages. Contrary to popular belief, while communism is the official opposition to Vladimir Putin’s “United Russia”, no one is getting jailed for speaking out and news sources are not getting shut down. If you prepare, moving to Russia can be seamless, and we can help you get there.

Moving to any country can be a challenging task, however, moving to Russia can prove to be exponentially tougher because of the strict rules and regulations imposed on foreigners. The last thing you want is for your possessions to be lost in some airport while you wait for weeks without a bed to sleep on.

For starters, you won’t get in the country without the right immigration and shipping documentation when arriving at customs. The documents should be sent one month in advance. Speak to your Destination Agent if you uncertain about anything regarding your paperwork. Better be safe than sorry.

-Valid passport + and a photocopy
-Russian visa and a photocopy
-Power of Attorney, three photocopies (for moving company/Destination Agent to carry out clearance formalities)
-Letter to customs from Russian employer, three photocopies (prepared by shipper’s employer)
-Russian TD10 Customs Form (Declaration for Unaccompanied Luggage)
-Packing list
-Temporary import obligation (for duty free import of surface shipments only)

Shipping Regulations

The process for shipping is significantly more complicated than other countries, so following these tips is recommended. Keep the following in mind.

Russian customs rules are subject to change at any time and without prior notice
It is advisable to not go through customs by yourself unless you speak Russian and are knowledgeable about the process.
All shipments can be inspected, which can result in extra terminal handling and storage charges.
Household goods can be imported to Russia duty free unless they are on the prohibited and restricted list.

Prohibited Items

The majority of countries around the world have a list of items that are completely prohibited when entering the country. Russia is no different. These are the things you are not allowed to bring into Russia.

-Fish and products made of fish
-Fruits and vegetables
-Dairy and meat from Armenia and Georgia
-Weapons and ammunition
-Any material that goes against the Russian Federation

Restricted Items

While some items are prohibited entirely, some have restrictions relative to size, weight and amounts. These are the restricted items upon entering Russia.

-Live animals require a permit
-Dairy and meat products: Quantities are limited. They must be in their original packaging.
-Cigarettes: Your choice of 400 cigarettes, 200 cigarillos, 100 cigars or 500 grams of tobacco are allowed duty free. Anything more than that will be taxed.
-Alcohol: You must be 21 years old and you are limited to 2 liters duty free.
-Caviar: 250 grams duty free
-Limited amounts of cash in foreign currencies
-Medication requires a prescription

Motor Vehicle Regulations

When moving to Russia, you might need to bring your car over as well instead of buying or renting a new one. Their import duties may differ depending on the make or model of your car. Foreigners are allowed to get a temporary permit for their vehicles which are valid for one year without being subject to tax. After that initial year, they must be re-exported. If you want to ship your car over to Russia, you will need the following paperwork.

-Power of Attorney, three notarized photocopies
-Letter to customs, three photocopies
-Photocopies of passport, visa and registration
-Original vehicle registration document

Pets and Animals

If you have a pet and absolutely want to bring it over to Russia, there is no problem, but you will need the proper documentation to guarantee that your friend makes it through customs.

-Vaccination records
-Veterinary health certificate bearing a seal of the local Board of Health. This document must be issued no more than 10 days before arriving to Russia.
-Import license
-Identification: Tattoo or microchip
-Animals other than dogs and cats require special import permission from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture

If you have any questions regarding your move to Russia, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Embassy of Russia. They will iron out any concerns you might have. Contact one of the two offices here.

Embassy of Russia in Ottawa, Canada
285 Charlotte Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N-8L5
Phone: +1-613-235-4341, +1-613-236-1413
Fax: +1-613-236-6342
Web Site:

Russian Consulate in Montreal, Canada
3685 Avenue de Musée
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G-2E1
Phone: +1-514-843-5901, +1-514-842-5343
Fax: +1-514-842-2012
Web Site:

Moving to Russia
When moving from Canada to Russia, choosing the best overseas moving company is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition to your new home or business. Orbit International Moving Logistics is by far the best and most experienced company in its field. With our extensive experience in sending containers to Russia, we can offer you and your family important information about your potential move and make the transition seamless.

Orbit International Moving Logistics was started by two friends who go way back. Over the years, they gathered valuable extensive experience relocating their customers worldwide by using Ocean Freight and Air Cargo. As Orbit became established, they realized that certain services needed consistency. The level of service: free estimates, all-inclusive rates, fast communication. Whether you are moving your family or your business, Orbit International Moving Logistics is the way to go for your international moves. Whether it be a door-to-door move, door to port, full sized containers, roll-on roll-off, or custom crates, we are here to help you. Please contact us for more information and “Discover the Difference with Orbit”.

Moving to Singapore: What You Need to Know

April 13th, 2017 Comments off

Singapore, the tiny city-state in the South Pacific, is an economic powerhouse. In addition to economic opportunity, people are attracted to its political stability and proximity to a number of other hot destinations (such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia).

If you’re planning on moving there for work or for other reasons, here’s what you need to know about shipping your personal effects there.

Shipping Goods without Paying Duties

You can ship your personal effects without paying duties as long as the following criteria are met:
-You’re a Singaporean, a Singaporean permanent resident, a foreigner transferring residence to Singapore, or an immigrant

-If you’re a Singaporean or a returning permanent resident, you have to have lived outside of the country for at least six months

-You can prove you’re the owner of the goods

-You’ve owned these articles for at least three months

-You shipped them by air or by sea

-You’ve imported your belongings within the first six months of your arrival in Singapore

-You don’t try to sell your belongings within three months of their importation

What Goods Are Taxable?

Every country has a list of personal effects that are taxable, and Singapore is no exception.
Liquors, tobacco products, motor vehicles, private aircrafts, boats, yachts and any commercial goods are subject to taxation. It doesn’t matter what your resident status is – you’ll have to pay duties to import any items on the list above.

What Items Are Restricted or Prohibited?

Again, every country has a list of goods that are either highly prohibited or restricted outright. Singapore doesn’t buck any trends in that regard.

Animals (including birds), arms and explosives, batteries, chemicals, diesel oil, movies, fish, flammable materials, food items, pathogens, fertilizer, plants, radioactive materials, and wood are some of the items on the “restricted” list.

Chewing gum, certain kinds of telecommunication equipment, fire crackers and rhino horns are on the prohibited list, so don’t try shipping them.

What Documentation Do You Need to Ship Goods?

You’ll need the following documents when shipping personal effects to Singapore:

-Work permit (if relevant)

-Entry permit

-Bill of lading/air waybill

Picking up Your Belongings

Once your shipment has arrived in Singapore, your moving company’s local agent picks it up.

If your goods are arriving by boat, the agent will retrieve them from the port, and if they’re arriving via air, the agent will bring them from the airport after filling out the relevant customs forms.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

If you’re moving to Singapore, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. today. We have been moving customers across the world for over a decade. Our dedicated, courteous and knowledgeable staff answers all of your questions, no matter how small. And our team of movers arrives on time, with all of the equipment they need, to get the job right the first time. Some of our customers love us so much, they’ve used us more than once! To learn more, call 416-661-4228.

The Benefits of Moving during the Off-Peak Season

February 17th, 2017 Comments off

What’s the best time of the year to move? Ultimately, it’s whatever suits you best. That being said, there are certain advantages to moving during particular times of the year. Read on to learn why you might be better off moving during the fall and winter.

Why Do So Many People Move during the Summer?

As the song goes, “Summertime, and the living is easy.” During the summertime, many people are on vacation, so fewer important projects are carried out at work.

In addition, most school-aged children aren’t in school during the summer. So, moving at this time of the year won’t interrupt their studies or their social lives.

What Are the Disadvantages to Moving during the Summer?

Moving during the most popular time of the year is not without its pitfalls, though. Whenever an activity is very popular, it becomes more difficult to do.

Because so many people move during the summer, it’s harder to find moving companies with availability. And if they have availability, it might not work with your schedule as well as you would like. Furthermore, because moving services are in such high demand, you’ll have to pay more for them.

Why Move in the Late Fall or Winter?

The late fall or winter might seem like the least appealing times of the year to move. It might be raining or snowing, and it’s definitely not as warm. If you’ve got kids, they’re smack dab in the middle of the school year.

All of these seeming disadvantages actually work in your favour. Because no one wants to move in less-than-pleasant weather, you get the choice of dates and times for when you want to move. All the trucks and personnel are available!

Some moving companies will offer customers a discount during the winter, so there’s an additional incentive to move during this time. Not only do you get greater choice, but you save money, too!

For people without school-aged children, a late fall or winter move isn’t as disruptive. But even if you do have children in primary or secondary school, you can still minimize the disruption of a late fall or winter move. Plan it during the holiday season when they’re on break from school anyway. When they start again during the next semester, all of the students will be on the same page.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

If you’re planning an international move in the late fall or winter, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. We have over a decade of experience moving people around the world at any time of the year. And while some companies can only provide better service and personalized attention during the off-season, we offer it all year long! Our courteous and professional staff answer every question, no matter how small, and our moving crew shows up on time and with all of the materials necessary to get the job done right the first time. To learn more, call us at 416-661-4228 today.

By Adi Shaked

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Thank you for all your support. It is important and reassuring to me, doing this on my own, to know that I can rely on you.

November 29th, 2013 Comments off

Dear Tomy,

I have to tell you that the deciding factor in choosing Orbit was simply because of you.

It is not only your professionalism, but also your personal attitude of care and concern in dealing with me as an individual that made me decide to go with Orbit.  This is a huge undertaking for me at this point in my life and it is proving to be more stressful than I had anticipated.

You have been most kind and thoughtful and I want you to know that I greatly appreciate it.  Companies must realize that their greatest assets are their employees who deal directly with their customers on their behalf.  You are exemplary in this respect.

In today’s world, values such as “customer service” and “the personal touch” may seem archaic and hard to come by, but there are those of us who still see them as elements of a more civilized society.

Thank you for all your support.  It is important and reassuring to me, doing this on my own, to know that I can rely on you.


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We are going to start by saying ” If there were awards for the best moving experience, your Company has to be number one “

November 26th, 2013 Comments off

Adi & Gera ,

Hello from Dorset England.
We are going to start by saying ” If there were awards for the best moving experience, your Company has to be number one “.
Moving Country from Canada can be an ordeal, but your Company made everything go so perfectly. From your quote, to the packing and sealing of our container, your professionalism was next to none. Your workers were polite and hard working. A real pleasure. The packing was excellent, everything has now been unpacked and in it’s new home!
It is with grateful thanks from Alan and I that our move went easier than we could have ever anticipated.

Diane & Alan Geary

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Orbit people were always ready to answer any question in a timely manner.

November 25th, 2013 Comments off

To:  Orbit team.
It was a pleasure dealing with Orbit.

I moved from Mississauga Ontario to  Moxhe,  Belgium.
Thanks a lot for having made this part of my move so easy. I would definitely recommend Orbit to other expats.

The Orbit crews were very professional. Orbit people were always ready to answer any question in a timely manner.
Best regards,

Vincent Mestdagh
Firestone Building Products Canada

Nov 2011


Overseas moving companies

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International movers Toronto: professionalism, courtesy, neatness, politeness of your moving crew

November 25th, 2013 Comments off

Dear Adi,


This is our second international moving experience and
the first time with Orbit.

This time, it went so smoothly that I gladly offered to provide a recommendation for your company.
As such, with this brief letter, I wish to attest to the professionalism, courtesy, neatness, politeness of your moving crew in Canada, to the timely delivery, and especially to the “no unpleasant surprises” door-to-door service that you offered.


Valery Chaya

July 2013

International movers Toronto

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Please be advised that we have no connection or affiliation to "mudanzas orbit moving" in Mexico. We will not be held responsible for any fraudulent activity that "mudanzas orbit moving" in Mexico participates in. Please be warned that you enter into agreements with "mudanzas orbit moving" at your own risk.