What You Need to Know about Moving to Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a vibrant destination attracting professionals from all over the world, especially in the financial sector. Many people have moved there for professional reasons. If your job is taking you to Hong Kong, or if you’re moving there to start a new chapter in your life, take a few minutes to learn about shipping your belongings there.

What Items Are Subject to Tax?

There’s some good news if you’re moving to Hong Kong: most of your household items are duty-free. So, if you’re shipping your coffee table, you won’t have to pay tax on it.

There are a few items which are taxable. Motor vehicles, liquors, tobacco, hydrocarbon oil, and methyl alcohol are subject to duties, and it doesn’t matter whether they’ve been imported from abroad or locally manufactured and exported.

What Kind of Documents Do You Need?

You’ll need certain documents in order to ship your personal effects to Hong Kong, as customs officers will inspect your goods. You don’t need to be present for this inspection.

The Chinese government requires you to submit copies of the biographical information pages of your passport (the page with your picture on it), the original bill of lading or air waybill, a detailed inventory and the shipper’s full contact details in Hong Kong (including address, telephone number and email address).

What Items Are Restricted or Prohibited?

As with any country, Hong Kong (and by extension China, which controls Hong Kong) restricts and prohibits certain items.
Plants and plant products require a special license. So do weapons and ammunition – you’ll have to get the license from Hong Kong’s police department.

Illegal drugs, firearms, explosives, knives, controlled chemicals, meat, poultry, rough diamonds, counterfeit goods, any liquids that could leak from a container and cause irritation as well as pornographic materials are all prohibited.

Can You Bring in Pets?

Yes, you can bring your pets to Hong Kong. As with many other countries though, you’ll need to have your paperwork in order.

You’ll need to get a health certificate for any pets you wish to import as well as an import permit (the agency that oversees agricultural issues in Hong Kong can help you with that). Unless you’re bringing a dog directly from the United Kingdom, your pet will need to be quarantined.

Orbit International Logistics Ltd.: Your International Shipping Experts

If you’re moving to Hong Kong, contact Orbit International Logistics Ltd. We’ve been moving people around the world for over a decade. Some of our customers like us so much, they’ve used us more than once. What makes us stand out from our competition? Orbit delivers exceptional customer service; every one of our employees is courteous and professional. Our customer service representatives answer every question, no matter how small, and they’ll be with you every step of the way. And our moving crew shows up on time, with all of the equipment they need. To learn more about how Orbit can help you, call us at 416-661-4228.

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Moving to Singapore: What You Need to Know

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Singapore, the tiny city-state in the South Pacific, is an economic powerhouse. In addition to economic opportunity, people are attracted to its political stability and proximity to a number of other hot destinations (such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia).

If you’re planning on moving there for work or for other reasons, here’s what you need to know about shipping your personal effects there.

Shipping Goods without Paying Duties

You can ship your personal effects without paying duties as long as the following criteria are met:
-You’re a Singaporean, a Singaporean permanent resident, a foreigner transferring residence to Singapore, or an immigrant

-If you’re a Singaporean or a returning permanent resident, you have to have lived outside of the country for at least six months

-You can prove you’re the owner of the goods

-You’ve owned these articles for at least three months

-You shipped them by air or by sea

-You’ve imported your belongings within the first six months of your arrival in Singapore

-You don’t try to sell your belongings within three months of their importation

What Goods Are Taxable?

Every country has a list of personal effects that are taxable, and Singapore is no exception.
Liquors, tobacco products, motor vehicles, private aircrafts, boats, yachts and any commercial goods are subject to taxation. It doesn’t matter what your resident status is – you’ll have to pay duties to import any items on the list above.

What Items Are Restricted or Prohibited?

Again, every country has a list of goods that are either highly prohibited or restricted outright. Singapore doesn’t buck any trends in that regard.

Animals (including birds), arms and explosives, batteries, chemicals, diesel oil, movies, fish, flammable materials, food items, pathogens, fertilizer, plants, radioactive materials, and wood are some of the items on the “restricted” list.

Chewing gum, certain kinds of telecommunication equipment, fire crackers and rhino horns are on the prohibited list, so don’t try shipping them.

What Documentation Do You Need to Ship Goods?

You’ll need the following documents when shipping personal effects to Singapore:

-Work permit (if relevant)

-Entry permit

-Bill of lading/air waybill

Picking up Your Belongings

Once your shipment has arrived in Singapore, your moving company’s local agent picks it up.

If your goods are arriving by boat, the agent will retrieve them from the port, and if they’re arriving via air, the agent will bring them from the airport after filling out the relevant customs forms.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

If you’re moving to Singapore, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. today. We have been moving customers across the world for over a decade. Our dedicated, courteous and knowledgeable staff answers all of your questions, no matter how small. And our team of movers arrives on time, with all of the equipment they need, to get the job right the first time. Some of our customers love us so much, they’ve used us more than once! To learn more, call 416-661-4228.

What You Need to Know about Quarantine in Australia

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When you think of Australia, kangaroos and “G’day, mate!” most likely come to mind. If you’re moving to Australia, there’s another thing you should consider: quarantine. The island nation takes biosecurity very seriously, and doesn’t want any pests or other threats infesting its shores. Read on to learn what you need to know about Australia’s quarantine system.

Biosecurity in Australia: A Brief Primer

Australia has a unique ecosystem. To that end, its government wants to preserve it by preventing outside threats from infiltrating the country.

There has long been a quarantine system for anything brought into the country. For decades, an agency called AQIS (Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service) was in charge of quarantines, but in 2012, it was dissolved and folded into the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Shipping Goods to Australia

Because of the strict biosecurity regulations, you’ll have to empty, dry and clean anything you’re shipping. It can’t come into contact with food, soil, plants, water or animals immediately before being shipped, as those things could contaminate items.

Any personal effects you ship to Australia will be subject to some kind of inspection by government officials. Before you prepare your shipment, you should be aware that certain items aren’t allowed into Australia.

You can’t bring in fresh fruits and vegetables, live plants and bulbs, prohibited and restricted seeds, unidentified seeds or spices, live animals requiring an import permit, biological products (including herbal medications, unprocessed goods of plant or animal origin, soiled goods or those containing organic residue, or goods knowingly infected with pests or disease. If you ship a prohibited item, you’ll be responsible for the cost of the item’s destruction.

There are also some items which are restricted, meaning that they must be treated with chemicals to ensure they aren’t hosts to pests. Those items include wood, textiles, and animal products such as fur or feathers.

When your goods arrive in Australia, they’ll be subject to an inspection by Australian government officials. The Australian government charges people shipping their goods to the country for the cost of inspection. Some of those fees are charged upfront.

Reputable moving companies will include these costs in your quote. You’ll be made aware at the outset of the process that the inspection and the fees to complete it are mandatory – they might call them “quarantine fees” on your invoice.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Shipping Experts

If you’re moving to Australia, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. We’ve been shipping customers’ personal effects to Australia for years. Our customer service representatives walk clients through every step of the process so there won’t be any surprises (including on the invoice). We answer any question, no matter how small. And our moving crew arrives on time with the equipment they need (including approved shipping materials) to get the job done right the first time. If you want your move to Australia to be smooth and hassle-free, contact Orbit today at 416-661-4228.

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What You Need to Know About Bonded Storage

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You’re moving to another country, and you need a place to store your stuff. What are your options? One place you can store your things is in bonded storage. Read on to learn more about this option and why it might be right for you.

What Is Bonded Storage?
Bonded storage (also known as bonded warehouses or customs warehouses) are storage facilities in which you can store goods without having to pay duties upon them.
How does that work? We’ll illustrate with an example. Let’s say that Mark is moving from England to Toronto. He’s shipped a bunch of his things to Canada, but he’s still looking for a place to live. Some of the items which he’s shipped are taxable. Mark can leave them in bonded storage without paying customs duties until he’s ready to move.

What Are the Other Advantages of Using Bonded Storage?
Deferring paying customs duties is a fairly big advantage. However, that’s not the only reason that people choose to place their goods in bonded storage.
For a start, you can store goods there for at least four years. That’s a pretty important fact to know if it takes you longer than expected to find a place to live.
Second, these warehouses are specially equipped to preserve your belongings. They’re temperature controlled, so you don’t need to worry about mold or damage from the heat or cold. That feature gives you peace of mind.
Third, bonded storage is highly secure. Only authorized personnel can enter them, and they are safeguarded by state-of-the-art systems. So, as long as your belongings are stored there, you don’t have to worry about them being damaged or stolen.
Fourth, it doesn’t matter how little or how much stuff you’ve got – chances are that the bonded storage facility can accommodate your shipment. This is good news if you’re shipping a large amount of things (such as the contents of your home) or if you’re shipping something small yet quite valuable (such as a painting that’s worth thousands of dollars).
Fifth, moving companies generally run bonded storage facilities. When you’re ready to move your belongings, the shipping company can load the items onto a truck and deliver them to wherever you need. That means that’s one less hassle you have to worry about when you’re ready to move.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: We Offer Safe and Secure Bonded Storage Facilities
If you’re moving to Canada and you can’t clear customs at the port of entry, Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. can store your goods in our bonded storage facility. Our bonded storage solutions are convenient, secure and economical. Orbit’s warehouse is big enough to store household belongings as well as cars. When you use Orbit’s storage facilities, you have peace of mind that your belongings are safe from theft and damage – our bonded warehouse is fireproof and secured by a state-of-the-art alarm system. To learn more, contact us today at 416-661-4228.

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Going on Exchange: Short Period International Moves

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Moving abroad doesn’t have to be permanent. There are many people who have to move to another country for work or who have to go back to their country of origin for a short period of time to take care of a family member.

You might be excited about the move – it’s a new opportunity to meet different people and experience another culture. However, the question arises: what do you do with your things in the meantime? Read on to learn about storage options for people who aren’t staying abroad permanently.

What Can You Do with Your Stuff While You’re Abroad?

You have a few choices of what to do with your things while you’re living abroad temporarily.

For a start, you could sell all of your things. That would raise some much needed cash, although you’d just need to buy more furniture or whatever else you sold when you come back home.

A second option is to store your things with family or friends. This is the cheapest option, but what happens if that person needs to move or his or her home is flooded, robbed, or damaged by fire? Your belongings wouldn’t be insured, so you would still need to buy new things.

The third option is to put your belongings in storage with your moving company. For many people moving abroad for a short period of time, this is the best place to store their things. We’ll explain why in the next paragraph. 

Why Choose Your Moving Company’s Storage?

There are a few reasons as to why your moving company’s storage facilities are the best choice for you if you’re not moving abroad permanently.

First, these storage facilities are insured. That’s not the situation at your average self-storage facility. In the highly unlikely event something happens to your things, you’re not facing a major financial loss.

Moreover, they’re fireproof, clean, and are secured by state-of-the-art technology. These features give you peace of mind that your belongings are completely safe.

In addition, if and when you want to ship your belongings to your new home, the moving company can quickly prepare them and ship them at the earliest possible opportunity. That’s not something the moving company can do if you were storing your belongings in a self-storage unit because of insurance issues.

And even if you’re not entirely sure how temporary the move is going to be, you can still use your moving company’s storage facilities until you have a clearer idea of what’s going on.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Offering High Quality Storage Facilities

If you’re moving abroad for a short period of time, store your belongings at Orbit’s storage facility. We offer state-of-the-art security that protects a clean, fireproof, temperature-controlled warehouse. You have peace of mind knowing your belongings are insured. And if you need to access your belongings, you can drop by during regular business hours. To learn more, call us today at 416-661-4228.

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The Benefits of Moving during the Off-Peak Season

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What’s the best time of the year to move? Ultimately, it’s whatever suits you best. That being said, there are certain advantages to moving during particular times of the year. Read on to learn why you might be better off moving during the fall and winter.

Why Do So Many People Move during the Summer?

As the song goes, “Summertime, and the living is easy.” During the summertime, many people are on vacation, so fewer important projects are carried out at work.

In addition, most school-aged children aren’t in school during the summer. So, moving at this time of the year won’t interrupt their studies or their social lives.

What Are the Disadvantages to Moving during the Summer?

Moving during the most popular time of the year is not without its pitfalls, though. Whenever an activity is very popular, it becomes more difficult to do.

Because so many people move during the summer, it’s harder to find moving companies with availability. And if they have availability, it might not work with your schedule as well as you would like. Furthermore, because moving services are in such high demand, you’ll have to pay more for them.

Why Move in the Late Fall or Winter?

The late fall or winter might seem like the least appealing times of the year to move. It might be raining or snowing, and it’s definitely not as warm. If you’ve got kids, they’re smack dab in the middle of the school year.

All of these seeming disadvantages actually work in your favour. Because no one wants to move in less-than-pleasant weather, you get the choice of dates and times for when you want to move. All the trucks and personnel are available!

Some moving companies will offer customers a discount during the winter, so there’s an additional incentive to move during this time. Not only do you get greater choice, but you save money, too!

For people without school-aged children, a late fall or winter move isn’t as disruptive. But even if you do have children in primary or secondary school, you can still minimize the disruption of a late fall or winter move. Plan it during the holiday season when they’re on break from school anyway. When they start again during the next semester, all of the students will be on the same page.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

If you’re planning an international move in the late fall or winter, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. We have over a decade of experience moving people around the world at any time of the year. And while some companies can only provide better service and personalized attention during the off-season, we offer it all year long! Our courteous and professional staff answer every question, no matter how small, and our moving crew shows up on time and with all of the materials necessary to get the job done right the first time. To learn more, call us at 416-661-4228 today.

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What You Need to Know about Moving to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica draws immigrants from other parts of the world because they long for excellent weather and a stable economy and political system. There’s an expatriate community of Canadians who have come to the country for just those reasons. If you’re interested in joining them, you won’t regret it. Read on to learn some important things to know before you move there.

What You Can’t Bring with You

Many countries have restrictions on what you can and can’t bring in. Costa Rica is no exception.

You can’t ship narcotics, explosives, pornographic or politically subversive materials to the country. In addition, you can’t ship firearms, ammunition, animals, agricultural products, plants, medicines, large quantities of liquor, food or cosmetics without a permit.

What Do You Need to Ship Your Household Goods?

Many people ship their personal effects to Costa Rica. In order to ship your belongings to the country, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork.

One of the requirements is an original bill of lading (known as a B/L). It’s a detailed list of goods in the shipment. If you’re shipping your goods by airplane, there’s a special term for a B/L – it’s called an air waybill (AWB). You’ll need to include the total number of items and their weight on your B/L or AWB.

If you’re shipping electronics or appliances to Costa Rica, you’ll need to include the brand, serial number and model of all electronic appliances on your B/L or AWB.

It’s crucial that the number of items and their weight on the B/L or AWB match what’s actually in the shipment. Costa Rican authorities check this information very carefully, and if there’s a discrepancy between what’s on the B/L or AWB and what you’re shipping, that will delay customs and you’ll be charged a fine.

In addition, you’ll also need to provide your moving company with a copy of your passport.

Bringing a Pet

You can bring Fluffy or Fido with you to Costa Rica. The Costa Rican government doesn’t require you quarantine your pets when they arrive in the country. However, if they appear sick, they’ll be kenneled for 30 days at a government facility.

As with shipping goods, you’ll need certain documents to bring your pet into the country. These include a certificate of vaccination (which should also be for rabies), a health certificate issued by a veterinary service less than 30 days before arrival, authorization from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health (obtained at the consulate or embassy) and an invoice indicating the value of the pet.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

If you’re moving to Costa Rica, contact Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. today. We have over a decade of experience moving customers to Costa Rica and other places across the globe. Our customers appreciate our professionalism and our commitment to customer service – a number of clients have used us more than once! Discover the Orbit difference by calling 416-661-4228 today.

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Reasons to Use Short and Long Term Storage

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Moving abroad can be exciting. Figuring out where you’re going to store your stuff isn’t. In fact, it can be headache-inducing. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you knew that you had access to high quality storage that included insurance for your belongings, so you had peace of mind that your things would be safe for the duration of the time they were in storage? Read on to learn more about short and long term storage offered by your international moving company.

Why Use Short Term Storage?

We’ll use an example to illustrate the benefits of using short term storage offered by your international moving company.

Jack is moving to London, England for work. For the first three months, he knows he’s going to be living in a furnished flat. After that, he’s going to start looking for an unfurnished place, and then he’ll send his shipment over.

In the meantime, Jack has chosen to store his belongings at his moving company’s storage facility. When he’s ready to ship his things, he’ll contact the moving company and the movers will pack the items into containers.

Why did Jack choose to store his goods at the moving company’s facility instead of at a self-storage unit? For a start, the moving company insures his belongings. If he were to keep them in a self-storage unit, those items wouldn’t be insured. Moreover, Jack knows that the storage facility is clean, fireproof, and equipped with a state-of-the-art security system.

Why Use Long Term Storage?

You might be reading this and saying, “Well, I can see where short term storage makes sense. But why would I want to store my stuff long term at the moving company’s facilities? Doesn’t it make more sense in that situation to use self-storage?”

Again, we’ll use an example to illustrate. This time, Jack is living in Australia. He expected to get a work permit fairly quickly, but it’s taken him over a year. Jack didn’t want to ship his belongings over before he had a work permit, because he wouldn’t be able to stay in the country otherwise.

Although the situation is different, the reasons for choosing his moving company’s storage over a self-storage unit are the same. Jack’s belongings are still insured as long as they’re at the moving company, and the movers can quickly prepare them for shipment once Jack contacts them. They’ll be safe in the fireproof, temperature-controlled storage facility, so Jack doesn’t have to worry about them being damaged.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your Source for High Quality Storage

Whether you’re looking to store your things for a few months or a few years, Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. can help you. We provide long term and short term storage in a fireproof, temperature-controlled storage facility protected by a top of the line security system, and you can access the storage during regular business hours. To learn more, call us at 416-661-4228 today.

By Adi Shaked

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Moving from Montreal to France or Vice Versa? Here’s What You Need to Know

January 3rd, 2017 Comments off

Are you considering moving from Montreal to France? Your French skills will put you at an advantage over other immigrants from English-speaking countries. What if you’re planning on moving from France to Montreal? Perhaps you’d like to study at one of the city’s highly regarded universities. In either situation, it’s important to know about shipping rules and regulations for international moving. Read on to learn what you need to know if you’re moving to or from Montreal to or from France.

Moving from Montreal to France

France, like other countries, has a customs bureaucracy. So, when you’re moving there, you’ll need paperwork in order to ship your personal effects.

What paperwork do you need? For a start, there’s the certificat de changement de residence (certificate of change of residence). You must request this document from the French consulate in Montreal before you leave Canada. This document includes the date you’ve entered the country and the date you’re leaving. You’ll also need a certificat de non cession (a certificate of non-transfer) from the consulate, too.

This document shows that the goods you’re bringing into France are for personal use and you’re not going to resell them. Another document you’ll need is something that proves you’ll be living in France. This proof could be telephone bills or bills for utilities, or you could provide the title to your property or rental agreement. In addition, you’ll need proof that you lived outside of France for at least a year. You can use the same types of documents that you’d use to prove you’ll be living in France.

Moving from France to Montreal

Although Montreal is a very international city, it doesn’t have its own customs regulations. When moving from France to Montreal, you’ll need to fill out Canadian customs forms. However, if you’d prefer to fill them out in French, you can do so.

The Canadian government divides people coming to Canada into two categories: immigrants (people moving to Canada who are planning on establishing a residence for more than 12 months) and returning residents (people who lived in Canada then moved abroad and are coming back to the country). The difference between the two categories is that an immigrant can import household and personal effects he or she has used before moving.

For returning Canadian residents, they can import these goods to Canada duty-free if they’ve used them for six months prior to their return. Immigrants and returning Canadians must fill out customs forms (your moving company will provide them). One thing to remember is that when moving to Montreal, you’ll have to pay taxes on alcohol. You’ll pay Quebec taxes as well as Canadian customs duties on any alcohol you import.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Experts

Wherever you’re moving, choose Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd. For over ten years, we’ve been moving people across the world. To find out how we can help you, call us at 416-661-4228 today.

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Why Should You Move to the Bahamas?

December 14th, 2016 Comments off

The Bahamas are a string of islands off the coast of Florida. Although there are 700 islands in the chain, only 29 of them are inhabited. But residents love living there. The archipelago is home to over 300,000 people.  Are you planning an international move to the Bahamas, or thinking about moving there? Read on to learn what life is like in the Bahamas and why you would love living there.

The Weather

The average temperature in Toronto in December is between two and four degrees Celsius. In contrast, the average temperature during the same month in the Bahamas is around 15 degrees Celsius. You won’t see snow, ice or freezing rain in the Bahamas.

This archipelago enjoys what’s known as a “tropical marine climate,” which means there are fairly high temperatures all year long. Yes, there’s a rainy season. However, many people would gladly trade frigid winter for rain and some wind.

The Natural Beauty

Did you know that there are 2,000 coral reefs stretching from the coast of Florida to the island of Hispaniola (home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic)? The Bahamas’ location puts residents smack dab in the middle of those reefs.

It’s not just the reefs, though. There are thousands of kilometers of coastline. The Lucayan National Park offers a network of underwater caves to interested divers. And of course, there are the pristine white beaches and the crystal clear waters.

The Conveniences and Creature Comforts

One of the best parts of moving to the Bahamas is that you don’t feel as though you’re giving anything up. You don’t have to sacrifice the modern conveniences of your life in Canada because you’ve moved there.

New Providence, the island that’s home to the Bahamas’ capital city of Nassau, boasts hospitals, colleges, hotels and resorts. Freeport, located on Grand Bahama Island, is the country’s second largest city. It also has modern and efficient infrastructure.

Moreover, the Bahamas are easily accessible by air because it’s a popular tourist destination and there’s more than one airport in the archipelago. So, getting back and forth between the Bahamas and Canada isn’t too difficult.

The Stability

One of the advantages of moving to the Bahamas is that you don’t have to worry about economic or government upheaval.

The government and the economy of the Bahamas are both quite stable. Residents aren’t concerned about the risk of unrest or war, which should give people moving there peace of mind and comfort knowing that they and their property will be safe.

Orbit International Moving Logistics Ltd.: Your International Moving Expert

If you’re considering moving to the Bahamas, contact Orbit International Moving and Logistics. We’ve been moving customers all over the world for over a decade – we are your international moving specialists. Why do our customers choose us? Orbit offers excellent customer service. Our staff answers every question, no matter how small, and our moving crew arrives on time with everything they need to get the job done right the first time. We’ve had customers that love us so much, they’ve used us more than once! Call us today at 416-661-4228 to learn more.

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