Worldwide Moving

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As a licensed Canadian  IMPORT/EXPORT company, Orbit is the right choice when you’re looking for excellence in customer service. If you have any questions or would like a FREE quote, contact us at (416) 661-4228 or via our online contact form.

Why choose Orbit?

All-inclusive and up-front price:
Instead of hiding and inventing fees to make a quote look more “Attractive”, we will offer a competitive quote and tell you the cost of your move – upfront!

Your very own dedicated moving coordinator:
Instead of talking with various office personal, we believe that you should have one contact person, who is always aware of your needs and can control all the personal to make your move successful.

Customized move:
We will tailor the appropriate package of personal, materials trucks, and equipment for your international move.

Full service:
We provide packing, wrapping, marking using latest technology, floor protection,  custom wood crates, shipping, customs clearance, unpacking, assembly and/or disassembly, disposal

We perform thousands of successful international moves

With so many worldwide movers claiming to offer the best services around, it’s essential for you to look beyond the advertising and do a bit of sleuthing to determine who really offers the best worldwide moving services for you and your family. Begin by trimming your list down to a handful of the best looking companies. Once you’ve reduced your list, begin by cross checking their international moving rates. The best way to do this is to gather quotes from each prospective company using identical scenarios—identical moving services, identical shipping volumes, identical departure locations and identical destinations. Once you’ve received all of the quotes, compare them side by side. As you’ve gathered quotes using the same details this will give you an accurate idea of how they stack up to one another price-wise. Contact Orbit International Moving today to receive a free quote at 416-628-4228

Rates are not the only thing to consider when looking for a worldwide moving company, however. It is important to find out precisely what kind of satisfaction the company has delivered to past clients, what kind of a reputation they have and whether or not they are properly licensed and bonded. Simply call any international moving companies that you are considering and request referrals from past clients. A company that truly delivers excellent services should have references to back up their claims. You should also request a list of organizations with which they are affiliated or members of. It is important that the worldwide mover you choose is well-known within the community, remaining plugged in and accountable to other related organizations in the industry.