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When it comes to international moving, the tiny Arabian Gulf nation of Qatar is attracting people from countries all over the world at a record pace. For every five people in Qatar, only one is a native Qatari. There are many reasons this country has become an enticing destination for so many people, and there are many perks to living in Qatar. Read on to learn why so many people have decided to move there.

An Economic Powerhouse

A few decades ago, Qatar barely merited any mention in the news. From an economic perspective, it was where people went to trade pearls, and not much else. Now, the country’s enormous oil reserves and infrastructure projects, including construction for the FIFA 2022 tournament, are powering Qatar’s economy. Moreover, its government understands that the nation cannot rely on oil alone for its wealth, so it has taken steps to diversify its economy.

Qatar: The Place to Be for Foreign Workers

Another thing that the Qatari government understands is that they need outside help in order to achieve global greatness. To that end, it has done everything it can to lure foreign workers to Qatar.

For a start, foreign workers don’t pay tax on their salaries. Secondly, the government is expanding the country’s educational system to accommodate the influx of children brought in by foreign workers. Expatriates can also receive free medical coverage, although they have the option of seeking out private care. Some companies even provide free housing, which means that foreign workers can save even more money.

In addition, the community of foreign workers is very tight-knit. Whether you’re single or coming with your family, you’ll fit right in. Moreover, there are plenty of activities for the families of foreign workers, so accompanying spouses and their children don’t have to worry about feeling bored or isolated.

Qatar isn’t a cultural wasteland, either. The country is quickly gaining a reputation for its world-class museums.

This emirate boasts a great deal of natural beauty, too. There are miles of coastline and stunning desert landscapes. Worry that you’ll be missing out on great food? Qatar has fantastic restaurants and coffee shops. And if you’re concerned you’ll grow homesick for your favorite brands, rest assured that you can buy many of your beloved foods at your local supermarket in Doha.

The weather can be a draw, too. Yes, the summers are incredibly hot in Qatar. However, the rest of the year is temperate. And the winters are mild, especially in comparison with the brutal chill many Canadians face.

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By Adi Shaked