At the beginning of the 21st century, 1.1 million people born in Canada lived in other OECD countries. People typically move from Canada for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they find a better job. Other times, it’s because they want to make a significant change in their lives, and moving to a different country presents exactly the opportunity they’re seeking. Canadians tend to move to certain countries more than others, however. Read on to learn three of the most popular destinations for Canadian expats.

The US

Many Canadians choose to move south of the border. Some move for the climate, while others move because they received better job offers

There are quite a few Canadians living in Silicon Valley, the high-tech hub in northern California. They generally have the skills and knowledge to contribute to start-up companies. Another advantage is that the weather is fairly mild, and there are many outdoors activities in which to participate.

New York is another popular destination for Canadian expats. There are jobs in a number of sectors there, too. Of course, it’s one of the largest cities in the world, so there is no shortage of entertainment, dining, and leisure activities.

The UK

Moving across the pond is another popular choice for Canadians. Much like the US, the UK can sometimes provide greater economic opportunities (especially in the finance industry). London attracts quite a few Canadians, because it is the economic powerhouse of the country.

The UK is also a gateway to the rest of Europe for many Canadians. They can easily visit or work in other countries within the European Union. And while it’s far from home, it’s still more accessible to many parts of Canada than other English-speaking countries such as Australia or New Zealand.


Approximately 20,000 Canadians live in Israel. What does this tiny nation in the Middle East offer to Canadian expatriates?

Jewish Canadians move to Israel because they feel a connection to the Jewish homeland. They want to live in the land of their biblical ancestors. However, Israel is more than a historical relic. It is a modern, vibrant country. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa are all home to high-tech start-up companies.

Israel might be small – you can travel the length and breadth of it in less than a full day. However, how many other countries can boast deserts, forests, beaches and cities in such a small space?

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By Adi Shaked