Where to Find Celebrities After Moving from Canada to California
Sand, surf, sunshine, and stars. These are some of the many things that bring people to California. People moving from Canada may find themselves looking for some fun ways to fill up their free time as they get to know their way around their new home – and one fun way to do so is go looking for some celebrity sightings.
Here are eight places to go and seek out a glimpse of the rich and famous once you’ve moved to California.
It Starts at the Airport
While many celebs have private jets and hang out in VIP clubs before they fly, they’re stuck with the rest of us peasants at the baggage carousel. Whenever you’re at the airport, whether your travelling yourself or picking up visiting relatives, keep your eyes open for a famous flyer nearby. Arrivals are in terminal three, which is a good place to start looking.
Where to Get Fresh Fruit & Famous Photo Opps
While some celebs have staff, who complete their meal prep for them, there are others who prefer a more farm to table approach to their eating regimen. Studio City Farmers’ Market runs on Sunday morning and is standard for those who are working in the studios around the corner or live in the area. For regular celebrity style groceries consider scanning the aisles of Erewhon Organic Grocer & Cafe, a high-end health focused grocery store that has appeared on TV Shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Salons of the Stars
Just like everyone else celebs need some self and beauty care. Salons like The Chris McMillan Salon serve celebrities and regular folk (even though he is responsible for the legendary ‘Rachel’ haircut). Other salons where you may bump elbows with someone noteworthy include Jose Eber, Mêche Salon, Petit Mason, and Spoke and Weal.
Get Fit & Famous
Staying shape is key for celebs. Jake Gyllenhaal and Kim Kardashian are said to love interval training at Barry’s Bootcamp. Classes start around $30 each. Taylor Swift is said to enjoy classes at Ballet Bodies, Dakota Fanning at Cardio Barre Beverly Hills, and of course you may run into just about anyone at the famed SoulCycle Beverly Hills.
Some celebrities don’t like a traditional gym but want to stay in shape. That’s when they head out hiking. California trails like Runyon Canyon give a great view of LA and are frequented by celebs including Anne Hathaway, Channing Tatum, Alexander Skarsgard, Amanda Seyfried, and Natalie Portman.
Hey There Sports Fans
Some celebs are better known for their love of sports than others (ahem Drake). Head to the Staples Center to catch a game and a glimpse of celebs with regular courtside seats (like Jay Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dustin Hoffman, and many more).
Where to Dine, Drink & Stay
Celebs could hang out at just about any haunt, but some are more notorious for paparazzi and fan sightings. The Sunset Strip is a good place to start with places like Chateau Marmont Hotel, BOA Steakhouse, Sushi Park on Sunset Blvd., The Eveleigh, Fig and Olive, The Nice Guy, Augustine Wine Bar, The Magic Castle, or The Palm Beverly Hills.
Steeped Celebs
Celebs like coffee, like everyone else. California cafes known for frequent celeb clientele include Alfred Coffee (a fav of Harry Styles), or Urth Caffe (which served as a shooting location for the show Entourage). Aroma Coffee & Tea is a San Fernando Valley hang out for the young and famous as it’s close to Campbell Hall School.
A Sure Thing
Certain events guarantee celebrity attendance. Hang out by the TCL Chinese Theatre during a premiere to get a look at famous guests arriving. The same goes for when a new person gets a star unveiled or is going to attend their own Hand and Footprint Ceremony. Enter the lottery for red carpet bleacher seats, just be sure to register online in advance. Get set to be part of a live studio audience for shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live or Ellen, to get up and personal with the host and whomever is visiting.
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