Door To Door Service

Door to Door delivery means that freight forwarding company will pick up the shipping container from your warehouse and bring it to the port gate it in and file the necessary paperwork and retrieve it on the other side to be bought to your consignee’s warehouse.

Since a door to door delivery means a through bill of lading that includes trucking, there will also be additional charges added on your bill of lading will actually have lower freight rates than if you were using different shipping companies.

A Door to Door, also known as House to House service,refers to a move service which includes the all the necessary fees to deliver a shipment from one end to other.

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This Service will typically include

Packing and wrapping all the goods at the origin reidence.
Preparation of an intventory list of customs.
Preparation of all shipping Documents.
Prepayment of all freight and related port charges.
Customs clearance.
Delivery to the new residence at the destination.
Unwrapping and unpacking when ordered.
Basic assembly of simple furniture.
Removal of the used packing materials on the day of the move-in-date.

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This Service will typically include

Fuel Surcharge(unexpected increase in fuel rates)
Exchange rate fluctuation between time of quote and arrival of goods.
Custom duties, taxes.
Customs inspection related fess and force majeure(such as war, strikes or port congestion etc.)
Storage related charges.

Demurrage-additional rental of container beyond shipping allowance.
Transport of shipment using a “shuttle service”(use of small vehicle) due to difficult access for a large trailer.
Parking permits if required or weekend/after-hours delivery.
Long carry, custom wood crates, excessively heavy items, the use of exterior elevators or hoist.


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