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Corporate Relocation – Moving Employees to Dubai

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has long been an important port, and it is a cosmopolitan metropolis which is home to a strong business environment. Many companies have chosen to relocate their employees to Dubai to take advantage of the abundant economic opportunities that exist there. Read more about relocating to Dubai and how Orbit can help make this process smooth and successful.

The Advantages of Moving to Dubai

If you live in a climate where winters are harsh, the sunny warmth of Dubai is quite enticing. However, the weather isn’t the only reason to relocate to this bustling city. Unlike other places in the Arabian Gulf, Dubai does not rely on oil to power its economy. That means there are numerous business opportunities there, and many companies based outside of Dubai have established bases in this emirate. Dubai is a tax-free haven, making it an attractive place to set up shop.

Because Dubai attracts so many foreign companies, its expatriate population is very diverse. You will be able to meet people from almost all over the world. The language of business is English, so don’t worry about learning much Arabic. If you’re bringing your family, you’ll have a number of options for your children’s education in English.

Important Things to Know Before Moving to Dubai

Companies need to sponsor employees in order for them to work in Dubai. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs – Dubai handles visas for employees relocating to Dubai. Once employees obtain their visa, they will also need a health card, a residence card and a labour card. If you drive, you will need to transfer your driver’s license.

Employees will also need to open a bank account in Dubai. This involves submitting certain documents, including their passports with the residency stamp and a no objection certificate from their employer. The bank might also ask for a rental agreement and several passport-sized photographs of the person opening the account.

To obtain a telephone line or a cell phone, employees will need to supply their passport with residency stamp. In the case of a telephone line, they will need a rental agreement and a letter from their employer stating their salary details. For a cell phone, employees will also need to sign a yearly contract and pay an initial fee.

Getting internet access requires a similar process: employees need to show their passport with a residency stamp, and then fill out the requisite paperwork.

How Orbit Can Help You

At Orbit International Moving and Logistics Ltd., we pride ourselves on providing professional international moving service and making the relocation process as hassle-free as possible.

When you call Orbit to get a quote, we’ll give you an all-inclusive price upfront. There are no hidden fees.

Orbit also provides you with a dedicated moving coordinator. There will be one point of contact that will help you every step of the way. This person will be aware of your needs and concerns and will make the moving experience as smooth as possible for you.

We’ll tailor a moving package to meet your specific needs as well. That means that you won’t get more movers, boxes, equipment and trucks than necessary.

Orbit’s moving packages are full service: we’ll do the packing, and we’ll bring our own wrapping and packaging materials such as boxes and customized wooden crates. While our professional moving crew is packing your belongings, we’ll protect your floors from any damage. In addition, we use the latest marking technology to make sure your belongings arrive at their destination.

We’re a proud member of the International Association of Movers and The International Movers Network. Our reliability, outstanding customer service, training and technology make us the perfect choice for all of your moving needs.

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